What is your Date Night Lingerie Choice?

First date is always a fond memory! The feeling of being perplexed, not really knowing what to do, what to say and how to behave at all… Total anxiety!
Saira never liked to really act when it came to dates. She was out there for fun and at 30 plus, she was very happy with the progress she made. She didn’t actually meet the guy beyond the first date but that doesn’t mean she didn’t take him home. She had a simple rule when it came to date night lingerie, show enough to entice him and then hide enough so he wants to uncover you all the more.

Date Night Lingerie

She wore large, padded push up bras under her dresses and yet hide her cleavage while giving a slight hint. She would pair this up with a sexy pair of lace stockings and garter and ever so often cross and uncross her legs, a la Sharon Stone and give him a small preview
of what he would get.
For the less adventurous, Tanya has a better tip. She wants her lingerie to be comfortable on a date night. You don’t want to fiddle around in your chair and think about tight underwear while chatting up that cute guy.

Go for a comfortable thong, she suggests. It has to be comfy, she insists and a thong will eliminate the unlucky panty lines that many dresses and clothes tend to highlight and you need not think twice about any extra show. The bra needs to hold your breasts properly and you don’t really need to bother with matching up, you are visibly not taking the guy home on the first date now.
Date night lingerie means you need to be sexy and glitzy but just enough. And how do you recognize what really is the limit? You can wear a red bra under a white sheer top girl or a bloomer under a LBD girl. It is for you to decide. Your lingerie needs to be comfy and not make your date dress look any weird.

Corset Lingerie

You need to focus on putting on your best for the date night and may give him a sneak peak of the gift that you have.
Through the first date, you know where you guys are heading and with this, try experimenting with corset type lingerie(they make your dress also look amazing, with a tiny waist), camisoles, laces (they are huge this season) or can even go commando.

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