HIV Positive

Team Shyaway wishes a Happy Day to all Positive People

Beauty is nothing that is shown outside. And we knew it! Our team members had a beautiful day out with…… [Read more]

Lingerie models

International Models Spruced up in Shyle Autumn Collections

Three international models flew down to Bangalore to film autumn collections from Shyle. Anna from Russia, Pamela from Argentina and…… [Read more]


Lights on, Camera roll!

Lighting and no-shadow rules were looked upon carefully to orient the best photos to be casted in the website. This…… [Read more]


Autumn Collection of Shyaway Launched

Yes, the season of festivals are lit. Every pile of sand is excited to welcome the festive mood. Shyaway too…… [Read more]

festember Enjoys Festember, 2016 enjoyed Festember that happened in Trichy on 23rd September 2016. represented the festival to present an award to…… [Read more]