Extend the life of your bras with these simple steps

No matter how inexpensive or expensive, no one wishes to have to replace their undergarments. Doesn’t it just break your heart to have to give away your favorite bra due to wear and tear? If you are cautious and follow a few tips, you can hang on your favorite intimates for a lot longer and save yourself a lot of money.
Most of us don’t bother to read the label. Makers know what they are making. So it’s best to take advice from them on how to take care of them. These labels identify wash and dry care, temperature of wash etc…
The correct way to putting a bra is to slip it on and extend your arms around at the back and hook.
Do not attempt the lazy and easier route by hooking it in the front and then twisting it around and then slipping into the straps. So try to chose the perfect bra which suits for your size and wear right size. Keep in mind practice makes perfect.
If you wear a bra that is too tight or not built-in right, it will put unnecessary strain on the elastic and band and cause it to widen or cause bumps and shapeless depressions.
So always wear the right size bra.

Use lingerie based on the activity and purpose. For example it is wise to wear sports bras during workout and other physical activities. Save the costly and delicate pieces for special occasions, unless you can afford it.
Tie up all hooks, buttons and clasps of the bras before you pop them in the washer so that they do not catch or snag on any lace or other fabric and tear holes or stretch.


mild detergent

This is the age of callous chemicals that claim to remove any stain. You certainly do not want these chemicals wearing down the fabric of your lingerie.
Unless you have any stain to get rid of attach to the mild detergents.

Hand washing your underwears is always the best. But if you’re just plain lazy or don’t have the time, then just pop them in a laundry bag on a gentle cycle.
Use cold water as it prevents fading of the dyes.
Group and separate
Keep in mind to wash light and dark colored undergarments separately to prevent the light colored ones from getting stained.
And it’s always best not to wash heavy clothes with lingerie as their weight might damage your delicate.
Air Dry
Do not tumble dry your bras as it will damage their elasticity and the underwires (if any).
Air Dry them on a hanger. Most people make mistake by hanging them from the shoulder straps. It is not healthy for the bra as it will ruin the elasticity of your straps. Hang them upside down and if possible lay them flat to dry.

air dry
Bras are mostly not ironed. But if you are one who wants them to be crease free and wonderful, it is recommended to iron at low temperature setting.
Do not be tempted to fold your bras. It will source dents and get them out of shape.
It is most excellent to lay them flat one against the other or hang them upside down. If you lack that much space, fold one molded cup on the other.
As crazy as it sounds, your bras should take a break and time to get its elasticity back to form. If you wear them on a daily basis, you will only expose them to more wear and tear.
Owe a couple of bras so that you can rotate between them on a daily basis and thus not ruin the shape or elasticity.
Follow these simple guidelines if you want to attain value for money and hold on to your intimates for a tad bit longer.


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