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Extend the life of your bras with these simple steps

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The most effective cosmetic is invented; Hurry, make up yourself, Now!!

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Destiny makes Laxmi a proud mother, partner and a proud human being

Laxmi Agarwal was born in New Delhi to middle class parents. At the age of 15, she was supporting herself…… [Read more]

Teenage Life

Lay The Base of Beautiful Hearts, Teens

Acnes, Pimples, Lost Love, Poor Grade, Bad athletic features... whatever the problem be, you suffer it and find hardly anyone…… [Read more]

pump your Inner Beauty

Here Is A Prescription To Pump Your Inner Beauty

We all know to cry when bowed with sharp arrows that ridiculously pierce the flesh of self respect and tolerance.…… [Read more]

Plus Size Beauty

Body Shamming: WTF (Why The Frustration)

While it's a blessing that we have finally started accepting that some people are simply larger than others (and that…… [Read more]

Feel Beauty Inside

Outer Beauty Attracts But Inner Beauty Captivates

Why is it not important to be beautiful from out? Imagine. A magnificent mansion on the top of Snowy Mountain.…… [Read more]

Cup Size and Band Size

What is the difference between Bra Size and Cup Size?

There is a big difference between band size and cup size. Cup size is the size of your breast. It…… [Read more]

Bridal Lingerie

How many days in advance should I buy bridal lingerie?

  If the bride-to-be has scheduled a weight loss program then the best time to buy bridal lingerie would be…… [Read more]


What are the tips to augment small bust to throw a sexier look with bridal wears like deep/low necked lehengas and cholis?

  For those with a small bust, a padded push up bra is the best solution. It gives the wearer…… [Read more]