Pink and stripes will rule Bollywood fashion scene in 2017!

Bollywood has always kept up with the reputation of giving us fashion destinations, year by year and after a fashionable 2016, B-Town stars swear to guide us stylishly into 2017. Here is what a few a fashionistas in the B town have to say about fashion 2017.
Pink will be the new black

No matter how much you dislike this colour, pink will control most of 2017. As per Sonia Magoo, “Pink was the talk of the town during the Paris and New York fashion weeks and that’s precisely what is going to be seen in Bollywood, which inhabits so many pink loving people.”
Athleisure, in its way

“A big trend worldwide, atheleisure, which defines clothes designed for workouts and other athletic activities but worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions is going to grow big in 2017. 2016 saw a lot of celebs donning comfy track wear while travelling and moving about, and that’s going to become a major trend this year as well,” suggests Naved Omin, celebrity stylist, who’s currently busy making up Parisian models in the French capital.

Broad shoulder will substitute off-shoulder

“Some fashion critics raised eyebrows when Sonam Kapoor flaunted broad shoulders in 2016, but the actress is clearly way ahead of her peers in the game of fashion because big shoulders are set to replace the done to death off-shoulders in the coming year,” says experts.

Stripes will rule

An evergreen trend, stripes will rule yet again says, experts. “Whether it’s the wide stripes or the pinstripes, the striped trend will be back with a bang,” adds Omin.
Khaki will rule the roost

Don’t we all love khaki? Well, an eternal style which got mistreated by the fashion police in 2016 for being too casual is going to rule B-Town yet again. “Everyone’s doing khaki – from Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, to Stella McCartney and thanks to its comfort factor, you’ll see a lot of Bollywood men donning khaki this New Year,” adds Omin.

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