Shopping means different things to different people. Some may find it therapeutic while there are others who consider it a chore. Whatever your notion of shopping might be, 2020 has painted a whole new meaning to this word. Let’s check out some of the life lessons we learnt from this year’s shopping experience on the whole. 

Important Life Lessons Learned from Shopping During the Pandemic

  1. Communism is one thing we learnt from grocery shopping during the pandemic. It was a great initiative from supermarkets by restricting the number of things a person can order to just 10 or 20. Resources should be available to all, irrespective of financial barriers.
  2. Selflessness is one important life lesson many of us learnt this year. Especially during the lockdown when several people lost their jobs and couldn’t step out to buy things, several trusts, charities, and social workers went ahead and shopped for them, made meals, offered them food, shelter, and all the basic needs. Shopping for others in a situation like this gives us satisfaction like no other.
  3. There is always sunshine after the storm. Many online sellers who suffered loss in the initial stages of lockdown went on to succeed in business as days passed. This brings us hope, doesn’t it?
  4. Shopping in 2020 taught us how to adapt to new changes. Take online shopping for instance. Things we thought could never be bought online were made available. Everything from grocery to cookware, lingerie to clothes, baby supplies to pet food, there is apparently nothing you cannot buy online.
  5. One of the major life lessons from shopping online is that it has taught us to develop trust. Thanks to the websites and brands that delivered us essentials on time right at our doorstep even in the time of pandemic. This has made us believe in businesses that actually aim to touch lives
  6. Fitness has become a prominent thing during the lockdown. There is a fitness video everywhere you turn. Online clothing brands started including sportswear and sports accessories to their collection. This makes us motivated to push our limits and keep ourselves fit.
  7. As the country went into an economic downfall during the lockdown, we learnt how not to spend on unnecessary things by shopping only the essentials.
  8. Celebration needn’t always be extravagant. As we keep fighting against the pandemic, celebrations and parties are out of question. With shopping less for festivities, we learn to celebrate in a contented way. We can still have fun without splurging on exorbitant things.
  9. Thanks to online businesses for promoting sustainable living. By delivering goods in paper boxes, cartons, and reusable bags, there are several brands that have paved the way for sustainable living.
  10. Another way of sustainable living is to shop pre-loved items online. By shopping used-items at a lower price, we can save a lot more than what we used to save by shopping for a new product on offer. The life lesson here is to think smart before making a decision.
  11. Okay, so this is not exactly a life lesson but we can all relate to it so much now than ever before. The social distancing we maintain in a supermarket; this is the most-needed deed right now, right? Sometimes, giving space is the best you can do for yourself and the other person.
  12. Never have we ever imagined shopping for medicines from a website. But, due to the fear of exposure to COVID-19, many of us chose to shop our medicines online. This teaches us that there is always hope and life will give us a chance to survive through the storm.
  13. Think of our wfh outfits! We shopped more Pjs than skin-fit skirts, more baggy Tees than formal shirts. While it was a bit weird in the beginning, we’ve learnt to go with the flow.
  14. Businesses have learnt the importance of ethics, customer service, and values. As more brands sprung during the pandemic, stats reveal that customers have switched to brands that are more customer-friendly and value business ethics.
  15. COVID-19 has taken a toll on lives around the world. Life can end at the blink of an eye. Thanks to online shopping for saving our time, we can invest in something else like maybe reading a book, listening to music, playing a sport, learning to paint, or playing with kids. It is never too late to shape our skills is the life lesson we learn here.

Life lessons learned from shopping in 2020