We, Indians love wearing kurtis, salwar kameez, and saree on festivals. A kurtis and a salwar kameez remain a default choice due to many reasons. First, they are easy to manage and keep you comfortable throughout the day. Second, with so many choices, color, and style, the outfit will never make you feel bored. Are you aware there is specially designed salwar kameez bra available to shop online? They come up with designed cups with less or no stitching. They ensure to remain hidden under your fitted kurtis. The festive season has started; it’s time to stock your closet with different types of salwar kameez bras. Prepare yourself to be paired them with your colorful kurtis daily when planning to visit Ganesh Ji at different Jhanki’s.
Lovable bra – seamless cup style

Lovable Bra

Lovable bra is one of the top Indian brands that sell high-quality innerwear suitable to be worn with ethnic as well as the modern outfit. Lovable full coverage bra is available online to shop which are perfect to be paired with Salwar Kameez top or kurthi. They offer maximum comfort and they come in a wide array of color to cater your mood.
Enamor bra – lightly padded cup style

Enamor bra

The enamor lightly padded bra is available with the seamless cup. There is a variety of print and colors available you may choose to be paired with your same color kurtis. The padded enamor bra also features full support and high coverage making them perfect to be paired with any of your stylish outfits. The innerwear will keep your boobs in shape.
Jockey bra – Slim fit bra or Cross-over style

Jockey Bra

As everyone knows Jockey is a preferable brand among India women of all age group. There are great collections of bra handy in jockey brand but some preferable choice for you to be paired with ethnic wear remain slim fit bra, cross-over style and wire-free comfort bra. All these bras are made of cotton stretchable fabric. The seamless cup will offer a smooth look under your fitted tops. Don’t forget to have jockey bra styles in your innerwear collection.
Sonari bra – Regular cotton bra and a T-shirt bra

Sonari bra
Sonari bra

Sonari is a prominent brand and they are slowly capturing the Indian market crafting high-quality innerwear for women. The regular cotton Sonari bra offers full coverage and they are good enough to be paired with kurtis. The T-shirt bra is also available in different color, prints and pattern which have seamless cup and great to be paired with any of your ethnic wear for this festival.
So get ready in a traditional as well as a pretty way to perform pooja and to visit ganesh ji jhakhis this ganesh chaturthi 2018.