How to check your bra size regularly?

Do you know your proper bra size? It is always better to check your size while getting a new bra. Your breast size doesn’t remain the same throughout your life. The bra you bought 4 months ago may not be a perfect fit today.  Hence, never hesitate to get help from an expert from the store to know your current size. After all, you are investing your hard earned money and the bra you buy should be worth it. You can use an online bra size calculator as it comes handy and very easy to find your perfect size with it.

How to clasp the bra hook?

If so, it is wrong to clasp in the tightest hook while trying on a new bra. Your bra band will stretch further and thereby it may lose its shape and fit. You should always fasten it in the last hook and check whether the bra fit snugs around your back and bust line. Check that there are no gaps and the bra band isn’t riding up.  If it does you should try one band size down.

How to fold your bras?

Open drawer showing rows of women’s underwear

Storing your bra essentials matters a lot as it affects the shape and life of the bra cups. Do you know that 80% of women fold the bra incorrectly? And by folding in the wrong way, if you place the cups one over another, inwards and outwards, it will stretch one cup and loosen its shape. Stack the bras on top of one another in a drawer or opt for a Bra bag.

How to use a bra wash bag?

Invest in an underwear wash bag to wash your bras. It will keep the bra parts intact
and keep them safe from the twist and turns inside the washing machine. Follow the wash care instructions mentioned in the website to prolong the lifetime of your bras.

How to replace your old bras?

The average lifespan of a bra is 6 months no matter how much effort you put to take care of it.  Over time the bra band loses its stretchability. The cups will become smaller and lose shape after that. The bra will lose its purpose of giving proper shape and support.  It’s important to ditch your old bras and get new ones depending on the frequency of their usage.

“A good bra is like a great friend. Lifts you up, supports and doesn’t stab you in the back.” – Anonymous