Have you heard of a bra mask? This blog on how to convert a bra to facemask is just to create awareness among people about the pandemic COVID-19. Due to the Coronavirus spread most of the countries are experiencing a severe shortage of face masks and people are afraid to go out into the crowd to buy face masks. So knowing the severity of the situation, we are here with a blog on how to make a facemask out of an old bra to get simple yet stylish DIY face masks/ DIY pollution mask that you can make from your old/damaged bras at home. This DIY bra face mask might be used as an alternative to N-95 respirators in case of an emergency.

The Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus(CoV) or COVID-19 are considered a large number of family members that cause illness. Some of the common symptoms of Coronavirus include Severe cold, cough, diarrhea, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, etc. In more severe cases it can cause pneumonia, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS-CoV), kidney failure, etc.

The source of the Coronavirus is Wuhan, China. Around 126,000 cases have been reported since the outbreak of Coronavirus and the virus has spread to more than 100 countries till now but doctors are still struggling to find a cure for the Novel Coronavirus. 

Some Preventive Measures That Can Be Taken to Avoid the Infection of Coronavirus:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand rub. This could kill the viruses that may be on your hands.
  • Maintain distance from people who have symptoms of a cold.
  • If you feel any of the symptoms of the Coronavirus infection make sure to contact a doctor immediately.
  • It is always important to wear N-95 respirators and cover your nose and mouth wherever you go, this way you could avoid the virus from spreading, and the surgical masks are not recommended by the doctors.

Lingerie and face mask are best friends, and you can turn a bra into a mask. know how? Here is a tutorial on how to make a face mask out of a bra. You can view DIY masks made from a bra video.  We have listed down 4 DIY bra face masks along with bra face mask instructions that can be tried easily and might help you in case of an emergency. You will be impressed to make a face mask using bra padding.

#1 DIY Mask From A Bra (Padded Bra)
DIY Bra As Face Mask

Step-1: Take any of your old or damaged padded bras but make sure that the pad is not too small or too large but fits perfectly covering your nose and mouth area.

Step-2: Cut out your bra as shown in the picture.

Step-3: Take any one of the padded sides of the bra.

Step-4: The straps should be cut off from one side and should be attached or sewed to the other side as shown in the picture.

Step-5: Now you can flaunt your homemade bra face mask. An amazing padded face mask made from a bra is ready. 

#2 DIY Lace Bra Face Mask ( Padded Lace Bra)

Steps To Convert Bra into Face mask

Step-1: Since it is a facemask using bra padding, take any of your old padded bras for a mask. 

Step-2: Cut out anyone’s padded side of the bra.

Step-3: Cut out the lacy part from the unused pad/cup. 

Step-4: Stitch it to the other pad/cup which is used as a mask as shown in the picture.

Step-5: Stitch the straps of the bra covering both of your ear lobes as shown in the picture.

Step-6: Now wear your DIY lace bra face mask.

#3 DIY Bra Face Mask ( T-Back Lacewings Front Open Bra )

Creative DIY Bra Face mask

Step-1: Take any of your front open bras, but make sure it is padded. Refer to the picture. 

Step-2: Cut it out as shown in the picture.

Step-3: Take the lacy part and any one of your two pads separately.

Step-4: Cut out the lace into two parts and stitch them to both sides of the pad/cup.

Step-5: Tie a bow at the back and wear it like a cool yet protective bra mask. 

#4 DIY Bra Face Mask (Nursing Bra)

convert Nursing Bra into Bra face mask

Step-1: Take any of your old bras. We have used a nursing bra here. 

Step-2: Cut out one padded side of the bra 

Step-3:  Detach the straps from the bra. 

Step-4: Cut out the bra band from the unused padded side of the bra.

Step-5: Attach both the bra bands to the pad/cup as shown in the picture.

Step-6: Here is the coolest ever DIY Nursing bra mask! Wear it and flaunt it.

Note: These are some of the Clever DIY Bra Hacks that anyone can follow. We hope this tutorial on how to make a facemask out of a bra was useful. Make sure to use a padded bra for the mask. Padded bra face mask could fit your face perfectly covering your nose and mouth areas, this way the pads could help in filtering the impurities/germs from the air and also protect you from small dust particles. You can also use this DIY Bra Face Mask as a Bra Dust Mask, emergency mask, face mask, pollution mask, gas mask, etc. Read our blog for more ideas to make your own face cover at home.

Mask Made from A Bra (Video)

Did you learn how to make a mask out of an old bra? Watch our video to make a padded bra mask, convert a bra to face mask for you and your family.