Gifts for wife-We know that your sweetheart deserves the best things in the world. We hope that you are sincerely working on to give her the best of the best.  However, it is not possible to get the world’s most expensive diamond necklace or a private island for everyone. But a woman doesn’t want expensive gifts. What she really wants is your love and devotion. Gifts are just symbols of your care and attention which your wife stay blissful when she receives them often from you. So here are some of the gifts for wife in an A-Z list to give you an idea about what you can gift for your wife. 



In a time of digital cameras and memory cards, a conventional photo album will be a refreshing change.  Gift her a photo album filled with happy memories. It’s one of the perfect gifts for a wife. 


A bag is the most important accessory for every woman out there.  She desires bags more than anything. A bag is not just a roomy leather thing with pockets and zip.  It’s a style statement. It’s her BFF. Bags are women’s expression of freedom and her taste for style and fashion.   

Coffee Mugs

Every woman loves coffee mugs no matter whether she is a die-hard coffee lover or the one who detests coffee.  There is already a research underway on why women love coffee mugs so much and there is no plausible conclusion so far. 

Dream Catcher

Keep the nightmares and negativity away from your sweetheart with this 21st-century good luck charm. Dream catcher is made with colourful threads and beads to suit the taste of Indian women. Whether it catches dreams or not it will catch her attention for sure.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is magical, mysterious and most importantly it makes her eyes look attractive. Women love anything that has multiple usages.  Eye shadow can be used as blush, highlighter, eyeliner and someone swore that she made soap using eye shadow! An eyeshadow kit is one of the most useful gifts for the wife.

 F to J gifts for wife


Women love flowers. Because they are delicate, fragrant. They are able to express your emotions in a subtle way.  There is a huge spectrum of colours flowers bear and every shade means something different. Make her day special with a bunch of flowers.

Greeting Card

A greeting card has never lost its charm in the decades and will continue to be the top of the list when it comes to keeping your thoughts out-front.  And many men stuck with words when it comes to expressing feelings. But a card will say them out loud without any effort from your side. A card that screaming your heart out is one of the classic gifts for wife. 


A woman loves to carry around a hat not only in summer. It is one of the best accessories and a style statement. Also, it makes her look tall.

Ink pen

Writing with an ink pen feels good and nostalgic. Inkpen is one of the best things that we lost because of digitalization.  She will love an ink pen for the love of the good old days. Gift an ink pen as it is one of the most memorable gifts for wife.


A jumpsuit is minimal, trendy and cute all in one.  It is an extremely versatile clothing piece that can be paired with any type of blouse.  Women love these kinds of girlish casual outfits as it is a breath of fresh air in their wardrobe.



Kajal or kohl is something almost all women love.  Gifting kajal will make women wear it; even those who have never worn kajal in their life.

Long Drive

A long drive away from all the hectic stressful day to day home and work lifestyle always can take the spotlight.  Snatch her away from toxic city life and go someplace far away to unfold unforgettable moments. A long drive is one of the everlasting gifts for wife. You may even choose perfect lingerie for her

Mason Jar

It’s a perfect gift piece for women as a mason jar has many uses.  A woman loves it because she can use it to store things or even save coins in it.  She can also use is as an attractive flower vase. You are fulfilling her wish to make DIY Mason jar hacks videos on youtube which is great. A mason jar is one of the niftiest gifts for wife. 


It is an all-time favourite for a woman. Get her an expensive necklace to show her how much you love her.  


A woman loves oranges because they are bright in colour and they are healthy.  Also, she can use the skin of the fruit for her DIY skincare regimen.


Playing Cards

A deck of cards is unique and a perfect time pass game. It is fun and exciting to play any card game.  It improves cognitive function and problem-solving skills. However, don’t tell this while gifting her. 


She will love a quilt as it is cosy to curl under in winter. A patchwork quilt is visually appealing and keeps her eyes engaged in the quilt (in times when you want to distract her). A quilt makes one of the cosiest gifts for wife. 


A ring can be special depending on the way you gift it. Keep it hidden in chocolate wrapper in a chocolate box replacing one of the chocolates. Or go classy, a ring in a champagne glass is super romantic.

Shower Gel

A citrusy or lavender or woody scented shower gel can never go wrong.  Your wife will love a perfumed shower gel that will soothe her nerves after a long day work at the office.  Women greatly appreciate these small and simple things.


Gift your wife a t-shirt with her favourite wordings or music troup or motivational quotes which she would love to bear on her t-shirt.



Present her with a trendy umbrella available in the town. It is fancy as well as functional.  Umbrella is a perfect sunshade and also a weapon. 


A woman loves a vase as it has many uses apart from flower arrangements to decorate the house.  A transparent vase will work as a candle holder and make the room brighter. She can save her favourite candies in it. 


A wallet is like a little sister to a handbag.  Probably it has more uses than a handbag for women.  A beautiful and attractive wallet may even replace her all-time favourite handbag. A wallet is one of the most utilitarian gifts for wife

Xo Sauce

If your woman has a love for dried seafood a bottle of Xo sauce is the perfect gift. It belongs to Cantonese cuisine. It’s made from chopped dried seafood like dried scallops, fish and shrimp, which are cooked with chilli peppers, onions and garlic.  It will make dishes delicious that your cook for her.

Yoga Mat

She might probably have it already.  But a yoga mat has the function almost like a floor mat.  So the possibility of getting worn out is higher. Get her a yoga mat. She will appreciate your perfect timing.

Zen Clock

A Zen timepiece can wake your sweetheart up with a gentle and melodious ringing sound to a peaceful Monday morning or not. If not it can serve as a table piece at least. 

So here are the complete A-Z gifts for your wife to make pleasant and other kinds of memories that will make your life worth living for. Disagree with us? Come up with your idea of A-Z gifts for wife and comment below to help the other men around the world. Do look at our lingerie gift guide for men for great gift ideas for her.