Anatomy of BabyDoll Dress

The babydoll dress began life as a short, sleeveless nightgown with an empire waist or tent silhouette, usually made from a soft flowing fabric and often accompanied by a pair of matching panties. The style was similar to the dresses worn by young children and well, dolls and brought a certain childish playfulness to the bedroom. This is also thought to be how the name originated.

A more casual, feminine BabyDolls are available in the fashion market. The 21st century babydoll dress is simple and pretty, without being too young, too sexual or too angry.

The babydoll dress is a very popular maternity style as it allows ample room for the growing belly.

Let’s have a look at the anatomy of Baby Dolls:

Babydoll Dress are often sleeve-less and their hemline end up above the knee. The major difference comes in the neck type and waist line. The necks are either round or scoop for better comfort. The waist lines may vest over the bust or under it.

  • Round or scoop neckline, often high
  • Can have an empire waistline or be more of a tent silhouette with a high yoke over the bust
  • Hem finishes well above the knee
  • Loose fit through the body
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