Many women restrict themselves from wearing certain clothing worrying about those extra bulges and love handles. In some clothing, you might look fat, and it can even affect your self-confidence.…

Popular post Nov 27, 2021

Not only you but every woman in this world have shelled out their hard-earned money on beautiful and classy lingerie. You will be wearing your bras all day, and washing…

Popular post Sep 28, 2021

Not ready to replace your favourite bra?  Our DIY ideas come to the rescue. Breaking up with your old lingerie is painful and heartbreaking. A woman has to give up…

Popular post Sep 21, 2021

The ultimate guide to lingerie elastic is like a user manual for bra shopping. Find out why and how to stop having lingerie rashes and red lines across your torso…

Popular post Sep 16, 2021

   Breast itching is uncomfortable, annoying, and painful. It can put you in an awkward situation when you are in public. Itchy breasts are considered a common occurrence among girls…

Popular post Aug 2, 2021

Constantly hearing about breast implants? Don’t know what a boob job is? Get to know the types of breast implants, cost of each, problems, recovery, validity, and more in detail. …

Popular post Jul 30, 2021

Of all stains, oil stains are very frustrating. We’ll get stains easily in our clothing but the removal process requires the superpower of Thor. Oil strains are one of the…

Popular post Jul 26, 2021

Having trouble keeping your bra strap and bra band? Here are 13 hacks from bra designers to keep things breezy and less complicated. Read this blog to understand the nuances…

Popular post Jul 24, 2021

Have a beautiful sleep every night! Relaxation and comfort are all you can think of when you are at home. Sleep bra or homewear bra is extremely cosy and comfy…

Popular post Jul 22, 2021

Lingerie presents a different look on every woman! Lingerie is an important undergarment that makes women feel sexy and feminine. Lingerie has undergone many transformations when it comes to pattern,…

Popular post Jul 20, 2021
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