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How many of you know that lingerie is one of the essential parts of your outfit? And if you don’t choose the right undergarments, you will end up with wardrobe…

Popular post Nov 17, 2021

Panty is indeed one of the bare essentials in the wardrobe. Wearing panties has a plethora of benefits, from acting as the barrier between vagina and clothes to preventing you…

Popular post Nov 15, 2021

You might think that the parts of all bras are the same, but it is not the case. The lingerie world is more confusing when it comes to style. One…

Popular post Oct 23, 2021

A lot of people think that boy shorts are only for boys, but it is completely a myth. Boyshorts may feel boyish, but it has a lot more advantages than…

Popular post Oct 19, 2021

Did you know? Bralettes have taken the fashion game to a whole new level and its sales have gone high in recent years. Most of the women have ditched their…

Popular post Oct 3, 2021

It is true that most women find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to finding the perfect lingerie for their outfits. Whether you are a woman who is looking…

Popular post Sep 25, 2021

Not ready to replace your favourite bra?  Our DIY ideas come to the rescue. Breaking up with your old lingerie is painful and heartbreaking. A woman has to give up…

Popular post Sep 21, 2021

Did you know why racerback bras are so uncomfortable for some women? Discover why through our blog. Most of all, when it comes to buying sports bras, most women blindly…

Popular post Sep 18, 2021

From regular bras to strapless, the lingerie market has come a long way. To make your day easier we have added a new version to your wardrobe called front open…

Popular post Sep 17, 2021

The ultimate guide to lingerie elastic is like a user manual for bra shopping. Find out why and how to stop having lingerie rashes and red lines across your torso…

Popular post Sep 16, 2021
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