Define your personality by the way you choose your Underwears


So you have qualified the art of buying lingerie to suit your figure. Find out what this well-fitting piece says about your personality? Whether you are feeling submissive or powerful, flirtatious or hopelessly romantic, the tell-tale lingerie says it all! Here’s the character sheet:


Underwear is underwear for underwear! If this abode best describes your choice of comfy briefs, “uncomplicated” best describes your personality! You certainly tend to be practical but most significantly you are comfortable in your own skin. That you make no choice about speaking your mind, endears you to the opposite sex.
Boy shorts

If granny panties are not your style and yet G-strings and thongs do not quite make the cut for you, you don’t just prefer boyshorts but also the best of both worlds. While you are attentive of your femininity, its display is reserved for only that special someone. He sure is lucky to have you, with what can be named your deeply intimate side.

If you have made a liking for bikini briefs each time you hit a lingerie store, style meets functionality, is your personality! For who has ever said that the two cannot co-exist? From being a romantic at heart to being a tad naughty- you make that transition, quite easily.

An adventurous personality who loves living on the edge. And that’s you! There are no two thoughts about the fact that you have an wonderful body…….and you love to flaunt it!

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