Know your lingerie; know your body

Lingerie is not just a pair of panty and bra. We can’t contain the term lingerie to just undergarments. They serve as a basic layer on our body just like foundation in makeup. They are very basic but are imperative. So it is a must to understand the types, dimensions and usage of groovy lingerie. It will help you choose the ones that will enhance your appearance. If you are not a natural hour-glass body the only way to achieve without going under the knives is lingerie!

Don’t hesitate to explore

Women outfits have evolved a lot and it’s not a top and bottom or a maxi dress anymore. Every single type of apparel you see in a local store is a filtered down inspiration taken from runway fashion. Be it a t-shirt dress, leotard, a cami dress, a dungaree, a bodycon, a kaftan or a high-low top,and ankle length jeans. You wear them in your day to day life because mainly of its innovation and availability.

Likewise, there are many inventions and enhancements in the lingerie industry also. Spend time to learn and find out the current trend. So that you not only will stay trendy but also will be able to look like a celebrity. Further, you will invest your money in the right type of lingerie.

Choose your Lingerie with care

The lingerie you grab from your wardrobe in a hurry on a hectic morning can either make you look well-dressed or terrible. Lingerie decides how any outfit looks on you. It could make it look either posh or down-right low-priced. Hence it is crucial to choose your lingerie consciously. Select a store where people are well versed in the lingerie fashion. So that they could assist you well while purchasing your lingerie.

Don’t compromise on fit

Rectify the basic size and fit issues before going for enhancements. Find out your correct bra and cup sizes if you haven’t already. Also if you haven’t measured your size in a long while take time to do so to be more confident about your current bra size.

Choose your lingerie type according to your body type

Padded bra for the rescue

For a pear shaped body you can achieve an hour-glass figure by using bust enhancing bras. It will balance your appearance by adding volume to bust line to align with your broader waist. You can choose from different thickness of padding like light, medium and heavy as per your need. If you have rectangle shape body or more athletic type padded bras are a must to create hourglass figure.

A bustier or Corset?

Actually both will work to achieve an hour glass shape. A corset will cinch at the waist and make your bosom look bigger. The lace and frills in a corset will add to the bulk and create a perfect hourglass shape. A bustier with padded cups is a great choice as it would give shape to your waist and volume to your bust. Apart from that it flattens your waist while giving a toned appearance. Bustier is the lighter version of corset. It enhances your bust while creating a perfect shape at your waist.

If you don’t have a bustier, don’t worry. A camisole can do a job when layered on top of a padded bra.

However, we strongly recommend a balconette bra clubbed with a body shaper to get a bang on hourglass shape!

Get hourglass shape with pushup bras

Pushup bras are another option to make your bust look bigger especially for petite women. It makes your torso appears longer as it lifts your breasts up. Also most of the push up bras comes with underwire which helps to lift your bust up.  they give an extraordinary contour aids in getting an hourglass shape.

Carve your body with shapewear
Waist Shaper, Tummy Shaper, Butt Shaper

Shapewear comes in different categories focusing on different problem areas of the body. To shape your waist sport a waist cincher or waist shaper. For a bigger and firmer butt wear a padded butt shaper brief. It will lift your butt and the pads will increase the size of your butt. At the same time shapes your waist and flatten your tummy as it works as a tummy shaper as well. Pair it with a padded bra to complete your hourglass regimen.

Saree Shapewear

It is inevitable to talk about saree shapewear as it gives a perfect mermaid shape when u wear saree. We envy our bollywood actresses when they flaunt their perfect hourglass body in a saree. Now, looking hot in a saree like those celebrities is not a dream anymore with saree shapwear.

Waist Training for hourglass shape

Waist training is wearing a specially made waist trainer. It is a hybrid between a traditional corset and a shapewear. It constricts the waist part and gives instant hourglass shape. To get permanent hourglass shape it should be worn everyday for a particular time period. However, it is not advisable to over tighten a waist trainer. Wearing it during heavy physical activity can affect your health. Normal shapewear in the stores will be a good choice as there is no harm wearing them.


Carve your body into an hourglass with sexy lingerie. You can sculpt your body like the red carpet divas if you know what type of lingerie will work for you. Get a hourglass shape with the variety of bra types like padded bras, pushup bras, and contouring bras. They will define your body whatever size and shape may be. Flatten your tummy with a waist shaper and tone those thighs with thigh and butt shaper. You can choose a padded one to add extra volume to your back. There are lot of advancements and techniques in fabric making and lingerie construction. It is just a step away to achieve an hourglass shape regardless of your size and body shape.


“Lingerie is the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t choose the right thing to wear underneath!” – Adriana Lima