Women love lingerie.  No woman can get enough of it when it comes to lingerie.  It boosts her confidence about appearance and makes her feel contented. On the other hand, a bra with a proper fit will give excellent support and thereby improves her posture. Being said that, it’s indeed a privilege for a man to present lingerie for his partner.  The quote, “the more you give the more you get” is quite apt for this gesture. Lingerie makes the perfect intimate reward just like perfumes.  As perfumes can create different moods so does the lingerie.

Get these skin color shades of self-embossed push-up bras for a hot and sexy as well as soft n’ sweet player of the game as lavender, vanilla, and amber.

Choice of perfume:  Top notes of bergamot and middle notes of lavender, rosemary and base notes of vanilla, amber.

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Rs. 799.00

Shyle Taupe Floral Cord Lace Satin Neckline Push Up Bra

Rs. 799.0000 Rs. 359.00
(55 % off)

What else could be more appropriate than finding lingerie inside a cozy box to make one’s day special? This holiday season honor your lady love by getting lingerie along with other gifts to make her feel special and loved.

This shiny, self-printed royal purple and red-hot push-up bra with pretty satin details are as royal as sandalwood and jasmine and perfect to make the evening lovely

Choice of Perfume:  Oriental top notes, Mint and green nuances, lavender, coriander and rosemary, leathery middle notes geranium, neroli, jasmine, and sandalwood,: amber base notes cedarwood, musk, and tobacco.

Shyle Plum Floral Cord Lace Satin Neckline Push Up Bra

Rs. 799.0000 Rs. 359.00
(55 % off)

When a man gets lingerie for his woman, it is a sign of true love and appreciation that she deserves.  Lingerie is the optimum gift to your woman as it grows intimacy and shows your commitment.   It’s an act of reassuring the thought that you still adore her and want the pact to remain the same forever. When you gift lingerie it conveys your message louder and clearer than your words.

Unwrap the naughty side of her with this elegant, lace embellished white bra and a purple-black push-up bra which is as playful as ylang-ylang and orange blossom.

Choice of Perfume: Sparkling bergamot, lavender on top,  middle notes of ylang-ylang, smooth sandalwood and for base tuberose, lavender and orange flower.

Buy 3 for 1199

Shyle Purple Black Colour Block Pattern Padded Bra

Rs. 799.0000 Rs. 359.00
(55 % off)

Lace and embroidery are never out of women’s fashion diaries. Firstly, its full-pretty, and then it looks magnificent just like strong notes of woody amber and rich floral.  Gift one of these to make her feel like a queen!

Choice of Perfume:  Top notes of orange blossom, citrus scent with floral and musk undertones and middle notes woody amber base notes of wild fig.

Buy these see-through net panties as delicate as the sweet scent of peach and mango to wake up the wild temptress in her.

Choice of Perfume:  Aquatic base notes,  peach, cassis, mango, passion fruit, middle notes, and amber top notes.

Bring out the best in her by getting this strapless, stick on bra and orange striped hot and sexy to fill the holidays with wild adventures along with the robust fragrance of wild lily, musk, and bergamot.

Choice of Perfume: Top notes of bergamot, Artemisia and mandarin, – middle notes of rose, lily, and raspberry -base notes of musk, saffron, and amber

Susie Neon Orange Grey Stripe Print Cotton Push Up Bra

Rs. 649.0000 Rs. 349.00
(46 % off)

This festival season, surprise her with some unique lingerie collection along with other gifts.  Since each piece of lingerie is crafted to pep up her different moods in a day you don’t need to stop with just one.

These delicate feminine see-through babydolls are a sure shot to heaven just like the sophisticated scent of iris and amber.

Perfumes:  Woody top notes, musky patchouli heart notes,  base notes of cardamom, iris, violet, and amber.

Buy 2 for 1499

Buy 2 for 1499

Wake up the wildness in her by gifting these lace embellished pushup bras to play along with the exuberant aroma of mimosa, and orange blossom.

Perfume: Oriental top notes like blush suede accord, marzipan musk and middle notes of lychee, mimosa, rose petals and orange flower and aromatic base notes like thime, and cardamom.

Tease her by buying this transparent pair of netted explosives in a gift wrap which will lead to a hot holiday season just like the robust flavor of jasmine and amber.

Choice of Perfume: top notes of rose, black pepper, pine, geranium, rosemary, and juniper and middle notes of oud, jasmine, amber, and musk; base notes of rose and amber.

Buy 3 for 499

Buy 3 for 499

Giving lingerie as a gift is a rewarding experience for both, the one who gives and the one who receives.  Remember, when misunderstandings separate couples, lingerie bonds them together.