Wear all your thinking caps on, for the epoch of “The Mummy” and “The Scorpion King”. In our everyday cliche of ‘What ifzzz’, Consider your arbitrary genie takes you back in time to its endemic. You flutter in the enchanted carpet of the oasis folk tale. That’s precisely the civilization which has us baffled ever since, the turf of sandstorms were an ivory tower for roughly 3000 years (Apology for my fact verse popping up just can’t resist), that’s more than 15 times the age of United States. All hail to the Mighty Waterfront!

In the midst of my barren land,

The seedless sky at the crest of luminous,

The hoof of my being at the torrid days of my grains,

With my tender sudor pearls to vile dust,

The mist of gleaming void kissing lullaby’s to my tender gills,

Wrath of arid mother, the solitary confinement,

Suffice to the bliss of my conviction,

Endowed the solique blues of might,

Held in the glee for infinite moons,

Amidst the abstract skies hurling pearls,

Would slumber in the Banquet Hall of Eternity,

But I found Thee, Gramercy Nile!

The So-called Basics!

Linen Clothing

As the virgin cotton we stay grateful in our hot suns, Linen made things comfy for the desert-habitants. Stay optimist, Egyptos were so patient enough so much so they had an affinity for spinning, weaving, sewing. Thus emerged the community of clothed people. They managed to add aurora to their wear-on with plant dyes to play the printers role. Little disappointed, more commonly for some reason the clothes might be left in its natural colour.


With Ancient, The Less if often the More?







Those summer days, weary faces and thus the body fluids! My sheath dare think of anything than cotton. The arid winds meant that it was impractical to throw any layer of surtout. Furthermore, one is prohibited to walk the squares of any holy garden in Animal fiber. Thus the demi-gods called for Linen. What more can be asked for, Its Sub-tropical heat! Not being naked checks the column for nobility. U stay modest or better stay unclothed! But, Thanks be to Shenti (would call for our dhoti) for they never left the Egyptos intimates screaming Commando and our now Panties for obvious reasons.

Reserved for Royalty


We have always come across this Picture that we often associate with the pyramid. Hails to the world of Pharaohs. The Khat or Nemes counts for the infamous Striped cloth that gently flows the weighed pinnacle. Royal Clothing never comes without the falconry, trust me even leopards & lions fell prey as a sign of the Pharaoh Station.

Men & Matron

I learnt it the hard way that Egyptos were never that fancy though at least not the way I perceived ‘em to be, for their garments were basic. Initially, in the B.C series of 1000, Men would go about with their wraparound skirt secured with a chichi belt often pleated. Adding to the decades the skirt grew in length seldom decked with a light tunic and a pleated petticoat.


Draw the light from our now Shift Dress it’s just the Sheath dress names Kalasiris. Women’s clothing was held conservative than their male counterpart. The dress was saturated to the one or more straps and worn down to the ankle, so for once we trace the origin of our babydolls. The length of her Kalasiris denoted her social standard. Don’t we have the urge to accessorise our outfit and so the beaded, feathered embellishments and also the choice of adorning shawls, capes.


Egyptian Braid

Hair Do

OMG to the Kardashians for the gift of the Egyptian braid and the side lock and also the unshaved right length of hair for obvious reasons. Being such fanatics of personal hygiene they made it to eliminate the breeding grounds of lice, so the need for wigs. The tight curl and narrow braids were often made of human hair or might be switched with a date palm fiber. If not for a usual day the wigs were coned with aroma fat that would melt with the wearer’s physical heat.




No matter what social standard you belong to. If it’s ancient, it’s heavy or rather voluminous. For Egyptos were quite simply clothed with white line fabric, The jewellery add-on gave them the contingency to contrast. Since gold was at convenience they developed the silver affinity. To the lords who labored turquoise, it makes the now, top-liners. For the low funda crowd, the colored pottery beads always paid assistance. The Gorgenine gained much prominence for its physical structure of metallic disc attached with the clothing.


And More


Mummification aka Embalming gave pivotal rise to the production of perfumes & cosmetics, by those who sought the expensive antiquity. Maybe Its time I drag the limelight onto How we retrieved our make-up era? Their Hina to our authentic Mehendi, Black Kohl to our kajal, Ocher to our Red lips. The Arid habitant often chose to remain barefoot despite the hot foothold and reserved sandals for the auspicious. But the Holy Class were privileged enough to have those leather sandals.

                          Aren’t we the inner Cleopatra Sexpot? If not for the huge stones she carried on her ardent weighed head to detour the armor of the Lord who captivated the seas! Possibly the gene pool of minimalist beauty the reigned the pyramid years! As equally as this poor inquisitive soul gazed the moon wondering who cooked what ? The pyramids have always been a perennial runner-up to top my memorandum of my stupid random pop-up questionnaire ever since I learnt those word characters. Thus this penned psalm!!!