When to buy Nursing Bra

“There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you”.  However, pregnancy warrants some permanent changes in your body.  Regular bras will start to feel tight during your second trimester. Because that’s when your breasts start to develop milk ducts and start feeling full and heavy.  Breasts change in size and shape as the milk ducts start to produce colostrum during your second trimester. Itching and discomfort of breasts and hypersensitivity of nipples are common during this period. A nursing bra will give you comfort with its soft skin-friendly fabric and padding.  It even saves you from any unnecessary embarrassment of breast leakage showing through your clothes.  It covers the enlarged nipples during this period as nursing bras are designed with pads.


Important things to keep in mind while buying a Nursing bra

It’s better idea to start purchasing your nursing bras as it gives you great shape and functionality. Initially try 1 cup size bigger to accommodate your growing breasts.  Later when you gain extra pounds you can increase your band size accordingly. Measure your size with a bra size calculator whenever you buy a new bra to get an accurate size.

What type of Nursing Bra

It is better to go for a less structured bra without crisscross seams or angled cups. Padded bras give good shape and provide proper nipple coverage. Nursing bras usually come with layered cups. The bottom layer works as a frame and the top layer works like a flip cover that you can unbutton or unzip during feeding. You can flip open the cups at the gore during feeding.  However, on certain bras, you can unfasten it at the apex.  There is not much difference when it comes to functionality.  Choose according to your comfort and preference.


Can I Wear Sleep bra Instead of Nursing Bra?

There are pullover nursing bras or sleep bras for your bedtime as it is very comfortable for night feeding. Look for a bra which has a wider band to give you proper support at the back. Choose a cotton and cotton mix fabric for all-day breathable comfort and ease.

Bandeau Bra Instead of Nursing Bra

You can opt for a Bandeau bra also in your bedtime if you are comfortable.  It provides enough support to your breasts without restricting.

As discussed earlier, the nursing bra provides great physical support throughout pregnancy. It eases down your work and makes you stay comfortable all day.  Also, nursing bras are thought to be expensive but actually are not.  Good quality nursing bras are available at reasonable prices in the market. Shyaway.com has best quality Nursing Bras at greatly discounted prices.  Sometimes women feel that they lost their physical attraction due to pregnancy.   Perky breasts and perfect waist seems like a dream long gone. But nursing bras are a great savior – give a good lift to your sagging breasts. It gives an attractive shape that any apparel will look good on you even after delivery.

“Feeling Fat lasts nine months but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever”