International Models Spruced up in Shyle Autumn Collections

Lingerie models

Three international models flew down to Bangalore to film autumn collections from Shyle. Anna from Russia, Pamela from Argentina and Masha from Brazil were the three petite women with great body who were adorned by our pretty products.

The energy level of the young models was remarkably high that a filthy number of 250 products were tried on and photographed in just two days of photo shoot. The girls seemed pretty very much enjoyed by the products and the shoot.

Day 1 saw Anna in different bras and panties that differed from sports bras of different colours to different bridal bras and panties. The model’s elite postures and strut defined the making of a great photo shoot.

Day 2 saw Pamela and Masha in excellent colours and patterns. Funky bras and panties styled them with fun look whereas bright red colours in bridal pattern sprayed on them a plush demeanour. Babydolls looked attractive on them and felt that they were made for them.

Hairstylist made their hair apt for lingerie shoot, which meant it was loosely laid and carelessly flawed. It was brushed and made before each shoot to make them all ready look killingly gorgeous.

The girls enjoyed their company with each other and were happy for the products. The candid moments were captured and behind the scenes were also shot.

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