Well, ladies! It’s the age of the Internet and we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing these super-funny memes that actually depict real life situations. Do comment below if you could relate to any of these.

A feminist?

How true, right? Imagine a day without a bra and sure we would end up having issues with bust support and posture. All thanks to Caresse Crosby for bringing this beautiful piece of garment to the world. Love ya!

It’s a furry meme

Looks like someone else is also enjoying the goodness of the bra as well! No wonder they say molded cups are the best :P

That innocent look though!

Aww, honey! That moment when your favorite bra is torn to pieces yet you adore how cute your doggo is.

Yet another cat story!

Seriously, catty? Now, would you mind if I borrow your earmuffs for a day?

When tea is life

Quite an interesting way to spend the tea break!

Tangled in love

Ok, we thought those were your earmuffs :P
Had a good laugh? Do share your hilarious bra moments coz life is too short to discuss serious lingerie topics all the time.