In this particular blog, I am taking your attention to only the Body Shaper at Sounds somewhat like ‘body trainer’, doesn’t it? Yes, it is also your body trainer to tone down your body to a bit.
This body shape wears from Jockey can give a smooth silhouette of your body’s curves. The targeted power zones are tummy, waist and back. Seamless shaping technology will help in giving smoothness to the curves making it absolutely fine to be worn inside body hugging outfits without any seams protruding from beneath.

The bust part is open so as to make it easy to wear your favourite bra. This is a slip on wear. The shoulder straps are adjustable to make your wear more comfortable. The fabric is light weight and that will help in sticking tour body like a feather offering invisible support. Polyamide and spandex is mixed in ratio to give enough elongation and toughness at the same time. The skin colour will offer a natural look-alike of perfect body.

How to wear: Jockey Nude Seamless Open Bust Slip Shapewear is a slip on wear. Enter into it and pull it from the bottom. Adjust the hem line with your fingers scrolling through it.

Search for this efficient product at sku 6707-IcedFrappe in our website

Body Shaper