Laavian Skin Ultimate Sleep Bra (1584-Skin) from s

Laavian Skin Ultimate Sleep Bra (1584-Skin)

Laavian Skin Ultimate Sleep Bra (1584-Skin)

Do you simply dislike throwing your breasts (which are already in a sagging phase) onto the bed during slumber? Neither do you want that tight, so-called “perfect fit” in the bed? Yes, we know, it simply irks without letting your muscles relax completely. This is why the designers from the house of Laavian have designed something for you to wear in bed, during your sleep. This one is your sleep mate. For the same reason, it doesn’t hold a sexy image either.
A sports bra look-alike of sleepwear (a sleep bra) from the house of Laavian With broad straps and broad wings, this slip-on bra offers good control over the breasts without pinching too much. The ruffles along the underbust contour give space for the breasts to relax. Offers more coverage to your décolleté than merely covering your breasts. This gives a cozy snugness to your torso and protects your chest during your slumber. You will be all relaxed for a good night’s sleep with this sleep bra on and a good duvet spread warmly over you. The seams across the rib cage and the thick border along the borders undo and spill off the breasts. These bras are available in two colors. Take them in skin tone or in white.
A price of Rs. 299/- is a good bet, and you get it even more nicely, adding to the many discounts available on our website.

Cool cotton and spandex are mixed to give you breathing and elastic fabric to support your cuddles. The fabric is soft to pamper your sleep.

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