The Challenge: was a budding company way back in 2015. The decision to launch an in-house brand for was tricky as lack of experience in the relevant field acted a fear factor for its successful launch and maintenance. As an online portal selling multi brand lingerie products, it was easy to sell products with established names than trying to sell young eggs. Also acquiring brands, say, Shyle for Bras and Pansy for panties came with a huge monetary involvement too.

Our Solution: had the solution. Selling Shyle and Pansy was struggling at the beginning as customers were unaware of the quality of the products. used the following steps to solve the problems and here is how it went.

  • Shyle and Pansy were introduced through the website, sharing the same screen space with other renowned products. This helped viewers to flip, see and experiment on the new name.
  • The products of Shyle and Pansy undergo thorough quality check. The stitching, colour and finishing were endorsed for perfection.
  • Manufacturing Units had efficient power management and backup system and used professionals and high end machine for the manufacturing of these garments.
  • Tags, Packing and Transportation were done with utmost care to abort any mismanagement.

The Result:

Shyle and Pansy has turns out to be the most profitable of all brands. Shyle, the brand of shyaway bras and Pansy, the brand of panties earns an increase of 20% in sales every month.