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GET THE RIGHT CLEAVAGE INSTANTLY BASED ON YOUR BODY TYPE CLEAVAGE- THE SAD TRUTH Nobody wants to be called a Flat Chested Lady. Cleavage has always been considered something Feminine. Today's generation thinks an outfit would only look great if you can flaunt your cleavage. But we women have different kinds of...
Bras are the new best friends to women. When there are varieties of bras for numerous occasions, Everyday Bras are the ultimate comfort! As the name suggests they can be worn daily for many stylish outfits from your wardrobe. While the facts stand, let's take a look at why...
The modern world of Lingerie is all about underwires. But do you ever wonder, what are underwires for in our bras and how and what are they made of?  What are the different types and shapes of underwires, and what does each one do? What do you need to look...

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A romantic getaway to the sun-kissed sands of the Maldives, scenic beaches, and a dreamy escape from reality, honeymoon vacays are a world apart. Not often do you get to spend such lone time with your partner as this one though. Well, can we turn these picture-perfect moments into...

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