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“Beauty Begins underneath”- Anonymous Every woman should care for her inner beauty. As we all live a precious life that lasts once, we need to love what nature has given us. It also means our body. If you start loving yourself, you will definitely have a happy and beautiful life....
Have you started refreshing yourself? If not, GET STARTED NOW! It’s never too late. This year, it’s meant to be different. To start with, get out of those old vintage style bra and panties. Try something that is really bold and comfy. So What’s Hot in 2019? Let’s have a tint of...
Looking at ravishing posters at the lingerie stores, the flawless display of how beautiful those artistic pieces fit those models are the thoughts in every girl’s mind. Stationed for hours in front of the mirror and posing just like the one we saw in those magazines are our hobbies. But,...

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We're glad to see that the world has moved past the mainstreams of glorifying sleeker body lines and tucked abdomens. While it is really motivating to encourage fitness, it is also crucial to ensure that our adorable full-figured women receive the attention they deserve, especially when it comes to...

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