Hesitantly I left the place (I couldn’t sleep the whole night.)
When I reached college this morning, I couldn’t find her. “Will I ever meet her again?”, I wondered, seated under a tree, lost in my thoughts. All I could think of was her beautiful smile and those fluttering eyes. Carried away in her thoughts, I forgot to notice that it was getting dark. A distant howling sound distracted my thought flow.

Is someone crying?

I got up and followed the howl. As I got closer, I could hear a girl crying.

John: Are you ok?
Little girl: (turning towards me) I lost my way home, we came to this city only a day before, now I don’t know how to go back.
John: Where do you live?
Little girl: I don’t know. It’s actually a few kilometers from my school..
John: You remember your dad’s phone number?
John: What is your name?
Little girl: I am Ria and my dad’s name is Victor
Little girl: Hmmmm. (She gives her dad’s number)
John: (dials the number…after a few rings someone picks) Hello
Hi, this is John, Is this Victor?
Victor: Yes,
Your daughter Ria is beside me she lost her way and she was weeping. Please message me your address so that I can help her reach you.
Victor: That’s so kind of you son. (gives his address, John notes down.)
After talking with Ria, I felt what it would be like to have a younger sister, so cute and innocent. Soon we reached Ria’s home. Ria’s parents were so thankful and appreciated me for my timely help. Ria was so comfortable that I became her first friend in the city.
After that incident, I started picking Ria from school and play with her in her house.

It was Sunday, I visited ria, as usual. We were playing hide and seek. Ria was hiding and I was just in search of her, suddenly I was dumbstruck looking at a sight in front of me. The one I was searching all these days is right in front of me. Rene was Ria’s neighbor. I was so happy that I completely forgot that Ria was calling me.

Present day:
I just tried reading the last line again:
Your Secret admirer
Without wasting time I walked back to my bike. When I was nearing my destination I could see someone standing near the bus stop. I hurried, dying to know who that secret admirer is, and my mind was gushing out with all the previous incidents for the past 2 years. I never realized until now that someone was gifting me for every occasion. I am a fool, thinking that my family or my friends are playing around until I got a beautiful portrait of Taj Mahal (a symbol of Love), last Valentine Day. I started liking him without even knowing who he is!

I saw him sitting calm I guess he didn’t notice me coming. As I went closer I can see the tall guy, the one I have been introduced as Ria’s friend. Who I thought never liked me has been admiring me secretly. I also like him but never ever thought that he would be my secret admirer!
OMG, she is here, did she get my message or is she just passing by. I am totally confused. But today I have to tell her.

John hesitantly goes near Rene, She just looks back at him with a confusing look!
John: Hi..Hi..Rene.
Rene: Hi Are you waiting for me?
John: Yes, I wanted to talk to you but didn’t have the courage all these years.
I admire you, Rene.
Rene: I know John, Was that you today morning?
John: Yes. I apologise for what I did in the morning!
Rene: (I think I like him but should I tell him? No, let him speak)
John: Rene, every evening I come to Ria’s house not only to play with her but to see you. I love watching you, I want to be with you. I am sorry if this feeling is wrong but I swear I have never felt like this before. I don’t have female friends, I hesitated because I don’t know how to approach you and be friendly. Most of all I don’t want to lose you.

At one stretch I  said everything. All these days I have been stammering to even greet her but today I have expressed all my feelings.

“I Love You, Rene…”

(After a pause Rene spoke)

Rene: John I like you but to fall in love I need to know you more so can we just be friends!

(A few minutes back I was feeling bad that I don’t have a boy friend but now someone has proposed me but… No, I want to know him more to be his girlfriend)

John: Is that a Yes or No?
Rene: It’s not Yes, It’s not No, It means we will know each other first and then we will decide! I do not deny I like you too…. (John’s face lit up)
Both walked beside. Love unites people indeed.
Happy Valentines Day!