Matching Couple Lingerie – A sensation, why should boys have all the fun?

We are in the millennial age and everything is changing. Solid proofs are guys shopping for hours; spend too much time on mirrors front and more. So, why not women surprise their love by shopping for matching lingerie which is intimate? This concept is not only for romance but for daily love!

It is considered normal of men to buy things for women. But it’s time to show them even we can surprise them by setting a routine or take them by surprise. Here is all you have to know about matching lingerie for daily & intimate times.

BriNi’s time!

Briefs are regular wear for men; find a matching bikini for his man Bs. Just like our bikinis, briefs do have High, Mid & Low rise. You can find your sexy bikini match at


Stylish Grey Briefs with pocket

From Rs. 199

Buy 3 for 499


A fact to know while choosing – Tight briefs are always considered to promote infertility, thus make sure to choose the right size.

Trunks for a Hipster

Well if you love wearing Hipster style panties what are you thinking about?  Close your eyes but make sure you pick the correct size Trunk for your love.

Men’s TrunksRight Fit Man Trunk – White

From Rs. 499

Buy 3 for 499


A fact to know while choosing – Trunks is newly added daily wear from swimwear, these are not much recommended to wider hips.

When Boxer Briefs duel Boy Shorts

We women can flaunt in every wear of any man and so are our Boy Shorts matching their boxer brief. Like our boy shorts, the BB covers one-third portion of thighs, and the pouch gives a great deal of comfort and support for their scouts underneath.

Men’s – Boxer Briefs

Versatile Black Boxer Brief

From Rs. 599

Buy 3 for 599


A fact to know while choosing – This is one of 2 most used undergarments by men. Hence it’s really important and this is versatile that works under all type of clothes.

Now let’s shift our focus to the most interesting need to know part of matching intimate wears for your special and quality time.

No match for Thongs

Don’t worry girls! I meant only Thongs can match thongs. That liberating feeling when you wear a thong should be extended, I say. Men do have thongs & T shaped thongs which will compliment yours.

Men’s T – Thong

Black & White Band – Meshed T Thong

From Rs. 399

Buy 5 for 599


A fact to know while choosing – It is best to keep a sweaty crotch under control. No proximity of chafing and squashing. Rest is your creative mind.

The actual duo!

Do you think it’s always us who match our bras with undies? Nope! Never forget that mankini is the duo for your Lingerie Set. What’s a mankini? It is men’s version bikini, after all, why should boys have all the fun?

Men’s – Mankini

Black with Red – Y shape Mankini


From Rs. 749

Buy 2 for 1099


A fact to know while choosing – What can I say except, it is completely left to your imagination!

C & G

Ok! We accept that women are known for pulling strings of men. The one place that’s yours is now ours make way, as we know our G- strings can pull a G & C- string on you. Just like women’s Gs, men’s have similar features. But men’s C-string does not have much support like our Gs, who cares it’s all about us having fun.

Men’s – C String

White Cross Hold – C String

From Rs. 299


A fact to know while choosing – Since, there is no support just make sure that the wire is tight against the body and between the cheeks.

Barter Lace for Jockstrap

Embrace the sportsperson in you! Leave the athletic ones and switch to your need of fashion jockstraps, which comes with a zestful and sensual body defining patterns. To steal the streaming hot look clash it with a Lace Panty, well the rest is unspoken!

Men’s Jockstrap

White All Over with Coloured Stripes – Back Jockstrap

From Rs. 199


A fact to know while choosing – JS is known for sports but the supportive yet outrageous fashion version will profile well for a date night. So look out for the straps that trap you.

Well, maybe this is what means compliment your partner from inside? I don’t know that but I sure do know this, thus begins your secret couple goals!

  1. Jagan KK

    Jan 12, 2019 15:17

    Ummm… That’s interesting!

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    Jan 14, 2019 11:18

    Highly energetic blog, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

  3. Jeevitha

    Jan 19, 2019 04:24

    I always spend half an hour a day reading your latest lingerie articles along with a mug of coffee.

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    I will revisit once again since I saved as a favorite it.I couldn’t resist commenting.Exceptionally well written!

  5. Raksha Singh

    Feb 3, 2019 15:24

    This is GOALS! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Jeffrey Nadrich

    Feb 4, 2019 00:19

    Couple lingerie is something new and haven’t heard it before

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