My awkward encounter while lingerie shopping


I feel lucky, maybe because men will never know the feel of a nice warm bath with only your undies on rolling in your bed with the freshly changed sheets. Hmm… How much do we women love fresh and new things, but I don’t deny anything new excites everybody? Especially when its new clothes, accessories, and lingerie, the emotion is unexplainable but what I encountered in a lingerie store is super awkward and made me question the feeling of something new!

I am not a shopping spree, don’t be surprised. I decide where to go, what to get and when I don’t find the exact same thing I just spend it on food. That day I wanted so many clothes, shoes that matched and so on literally a huge list to shop, I carefully picked everything I needed. Every single time I finalized something to buy, my mind went back only to the lingerie shopping which I planned to be the finishing touch of my happy shopping.

When I got hold of the most wanted!

After more than 4 rounds of continuous spreeing, I reached my happy place at Chennai’s Biggest Mall. Once I was inside, it felt like the store knocked at my inner Rebecca Bloomwood! you will just know it when its lingerie, so did I. I walk past every smiling face to get hold of my perfect savior and bam! This woman took the bra I saw and sniffed it like a little pup. Not only that was awkward but we made direct eye contact as I walked towards my IPP (Imagined Perfect Piece). I couldn’t do a thing but walk past her to the store entrance with a not so weird embarrassed face. Now I am buying lingerie online mostly but when I wanted to feel good I always walk inside the lingerie store with eyes to the floor and feel to the product.

If you have any good tips or another funny, awkward story at the lingerie store, let me know! Not found anything good tip yet to face just like me? Visit to avoid very weirdness but for the very awesome feel of perfection.

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