Breast Cancer is often fatal. Though an early diagnosis can save lives, ignorance about the condition can lead to more serious issues like hospitalization, chemotherapy and other painful procedures. An eternal detachment from loved ones can be the aftermath of an ignorant languid mind. A more careful lifestyle and a better understanding of your body can alert a better life span. Love your life and adorn it.



This October, (World Breast Cancer month) salutes all those lovely women who had made it through the hard times of cancer and succeeded to achieve the beauty of life debunked. Cancer lets you down, deeply in darkness especially when your breasts are brutally cut in account of mastectomy. The survivors though were strong enough to fight the void often end up landing thrashed on the rudeness of life that leave them feel ugly and barren giving a hopeless life to lead ahead. They feel Yuk, they pity themselves.

It is the duty of their family, especially the partner to make them feel at ease and teach them how to love their life again and again. It is also the duty of the society to take them into heart, embrace them with all powerful vibes. Shyaway is here for that reason- to show love and concern to all breast cancer survivors. Yes, this video is a reminder of how society views them, how to get the beauty out of the life unlived.