[{"title":"Best Way to Wash Bras in a Washing Machine","url":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/best-way-to-wash-bras-in-a-washing-machine\/","thumbimage":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/09\/Featured-image-1.jpg","content":"Not only you but every woman in this world have shelled out their hard-earned money on beautiful and classy lingerie. You will be wearing your bras all day, and washing those bras is nothing new to you. You have been washing them since the day you started to wear bras, and if you are washing your bras in a washing machine, then you have been doing it wrong for all this long. Read on to discover the answer for the most asked question, \u201chow to wash a bra properly?\u201d How to Properly Wash a Bra? Washing your bras by hand is the best way to maintain their life, features, and comfort. Most people don\u2019t have time to wash their bras in this digital world, so all they do is toss out their bras in washing machines, but there is more to it than that. Here, we will show you how to properly wash your lingerie through eight simple steps.\u00a0 Fasten the Bra Hooks Read the Care Labels Use a Lingerie Wash Bag Always Use a Gentle Cycle Use a Mild Detergent Do Not Squeeze Your Bras Reshape the Cups of the Bra Let Them Air Dry Step 1: Fasten the Bra Hooks The very first step in taking proper care of your bra is to hook your bras. Do you find your bra hooks broken after the wash cycle? Then not anymore. Whenever you machine your bras, make sure you fasten the hooks. It will save your bras from getting entangled in the small holes inside the washing machine. Step 2: Read the Care Labels It is a must to read the care instructions because these care label instructions contain information regarding washing, drying, bleaching, ironing, dry cleaning, etc. You should try to understand the basic symbols as they represent the most important information, like whether you can machine wash your bra or not. The manufacturer of the lingerie has put them after going through all the fabrication tests.\u00a0 Step 3: Use a Lingerie Wash Bag while you machine wash bras, use mesh lingerie bags or laundry bags. These bags will protect your bra from stretching out and keep your bra hooks from tangling on washing machine holes or other clothes. It is always better to wash your bras separately so that you can avoid bra damage. Step 4: Always Use a Gentle Cycle Always make sure to machine wash bras in warm water because washing your bras in hot water can easily damage the fabric of your bra and you are also not allowed to wash your bras in cold water as the cold water does not remove the germs or dirt. So you can wash lingerie in a mild cycle at 40 degrees.\u00a0 Step 5: Use a Mild Detergent The regular powder\/ liquid you use daily for other clothes may contain bleaching and whitening agents, which may deteriorate the fine fabrics. Always prefer a mild liquid detergent\/ washing powder for washing your lingerie. While most people also prefer to use mild shampoo or body wash as they help retain your product fabric colour. Step 6: Do Not Squeeze Your Bras Squeezing your bras is not advisable. When you squeeze or wring out your bras, the texture and the paddings may get replaced. By squeezing or twisting your bras, the shape of the cup or the underwire may get out of shape.\u00a0 Step 7: Reshape the Cups of the Bra After washing your bras, always make sure to reshape your bra cups. While washing your bras in the washing machine, the shape of the bra cups may get misplaced or wrung out. So it is necessary to reshape the bra cups to retain their original shape. Step 8: Let Them Air Dry Air drying the lingerie is the best option. Towel press and hang them air dry as you would do while washing by hand. You should not iron or put your bras in the dryer as the heat may damage the material. Most of the bras contain spandex hence air drying will help in maintaining their quality and elasticity. If you want to speed up the process of drying then you can warm dry them.\u00a0 After learning these simple steps, you will be able to wash your bras properly which will help them to last longer and maintain their shape and fabric. When properly cared for, your bras can last upto eight months. To know how to extend the lifespan of your bras, Click here Click here to know the essential lingerie care tips\u00a0","category":"Bra FAQs"},{"title":"The Anatomy of Period Panties That You Should Know","url":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/the-anatomy-of-period-panties-that-you-should-know\/","thumbimage":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/09\/1099x729.jpg","content":"Believe it or not, using period panties is easier than using tampons and pads! Period panties especially were constructed with some superpowers that can prevent any leakage and their comfy design will make you feel comfortable all day long. With its moisture-wicking properties, it will help prevent odours. Do you constantly worry about leakage during heavy flow days? Try period panties that are crafted with leak-proof technology to make you feel comfy and confident throughout your menstrual days. It is the best alternative to traditional single-use products such as tampons and pads. Let\u2019s find out what period panties actually are. What Is a Period Panty? As the name suggests, period underwear is equipped with extra layers of fabric to help absorb and wick away leakage. It can also replace tampons, regular pads during lighter days. Period panties are washable, reusable and are like regular underwear. You can call them granny panties as they feature a higher waist, thicker waistband and a longer crotch to provide maximum coverage and support than thongs, cheekies and boyshorts. It has gel lock technology and gives 360-degree coverage. Period underwear is odour protective and environment friendly. Hence, period panties are one of the most needed lingerie to add to your lingerie wardrobe. Some period panties have an opening to hold the pad in place. Anatomy of Period Panties You can opt for period panties instead of sanitary pads and tampons. Their fabrics absorb menstrual blood and are constructed to prevent any leaks or staining. Learning the anatomy of period panties can help understand how period panties work. If you are sceptical about the functionality of period panties, read our guide to period panty parts. 1. Thick Elastic Waistband Period underwear has an elastic waistband like regular briefs. But it's waistband is too thick to hold the garment in place. Period panties waistbands have elastic with cotton and satin coverage to give the comfy fit. 2. Leak Proof Crotch Panel The crotch is a part that gives coverage to sensitive genital areas. It is made with thick and double-layered cotton fabric to absorb the menstrual blood and keep the intimate parts hygienic throughout the day. The crotch area of period underwear consisted of many layers to secure the sanitary pads in place. The crotch area fabric usually has upgraded leak-proof layers. In this, 95% cotton and 5% spandex are used to make you feel super comfortable. It is designed with faster absorptive technology by keeping hygiene purposes in mind.\u00a0 3. Full Front Coverage with Multiple Layers The front coverage is wider and longer. It is designed to provide full coverage at the front portion of the groin. It has more protective layers to prevent stains and leakage. It is specially designed with period-friendly fabrics like cotton and cotton blenders to provide comfort and also to prevent any leaks or staining.\u00a0 4. Complete Rear Coverage In menstrual panty design, the back cover gives complete coverage at the rear side to keep you supported during menstrual days. The fabric used for the rear side is the same as the front cover which has leak-proof technology. 5. Leg Openings Leg openings permit you to insert your legs. It is commonly chosen to be breathable. It has an elastic band covered with cotton lining or design so that it won\u2019t poke or irritate the skin. 6. Wider Side Wings The side parts of the period panties are called side wings. They play a role in giving support and proper shape to panties. The same fabric is used as front coverage. Browse through a wide range of period panties from Shyaway that promise comfy fit, support, and wick-away leakage.  ","category":"Lingerie Advice"},{"title":"Top 10 Modern Lingerie Rules That Should Be Followed","url":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/top-10-modern-lingerie-rules-that-should-be-followed\/","thumbimage":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/09\/feature.jpg","content":"\u2018Every outfit\u2019s soulmate is lingerie. Hence, never mess with lingerie rules\u2019 Want to make your lingerie shopping easier and exciting? Learn these rules. Lingerie is the most essential and special intimate apparel, like your outer garments. Lingerie will make you feel sexy, confident, and supportive. It also gives an extra dose of glam to your outfit. From classic stockings to corsets to lace lingerie, every piece of lingerie is designed to satisfy your requirements. Before you want to add new styles of bras and panties to your lingerie wardrobe, why not learn these lingerie rules to look confident no matter what you wear. Ten Lingerie Rules that You Should Not Be Ignoring There are some important lingerie rules women should swear by. Let\u2019s have a look at these lingerie etiquettes.\u00a0 Rule 1: Get Fitted by an Expert Finding a well-fitting bra is tougher than finding a soulmate. Only a right-fitting bra can offer adequate support and comfort to your breasts. It is most important to know your size before you buy one. The best way to get the perfect fit is to get fitted by an expert. Wearing the perfect bra can elevate your overall look and also support and hold your breasts properly.\u00a0 Rule 2: Know Various Bras Learning various types of bras and panties can help you find the right pair to match your outfits. For example, You must opt for plunge bras under your deep, V-neck tops or outfits. Seamless or bikini panties are ideal for bodycon dresses. Once you learn these different types of bras and panties, nobody can stop you from flaunting your flawless look. Rule 3: Measure Your Bra Size Every Six Months A woman's body constantly changes. Measuring your bra size every six months can help you find the right size bra. You may have gained or lost weight. So it is important to measure at least twice a year to avoid wearing ill-fitting bras and welcoming discomfort. Most women opt for four different bra sizes in their lifetime. Rule:4 Stock up Basics Basics are life saviours! Without basics, you can\u2019t manage those days when you are not sure what bra to wear with your outfits. Opt for nude, black and a go-to everyday bra and panties because they can be paired with almost every outfit from your wardrobe. Rule:5 Always Have a Classy Black \u00a0When in doubt, wear a black or nude bra! Timeless black lingerie never goes out of style. A good outfit needs good lingerie. Only black bras and panties can complement your look in any outfit. Black is an iconic choice when it comes to lingerie shopping. You must own at least a black bra and panties to wear with your casual wear. Rule:6 Experiment New Styles Being bold and confident is trending now! Aren\u2019t you inspired by watching reels of 7 days outfit challenge? From casual to traditional, Indian women have so many outfits to choose from. But every outfit deserves the right bra and panty. You can\u2019t wear a regular bra under a plunge neck lehenga blouse. Hence, you should know everything about the various types of bras and panties available in the market. Trying something new is not a bad idea. You can learn what bra is suitable for you or your outfit! Try some lace bras, sensuous thongs and baby dolls for special occasions. These lingerie styles not only make you feel glamorous but also make you more confident than ever. Rule:7 Mix and Match Is Must Don\u2019t stick with basics, try some vivid hues and delicate designs to elevate your style quotient. Basics are necessary. But you should have some stylish lingerie styles such as a balconette bra, lace panty, bralettes, bikini panties that make you feel special and gorgeous. You can either wear a matching bra and panty or try a printed t-shirt bra with a bikini panty. Rule:8 Pay Attention to Fabrics Choosing the right material according to the occasion is important. When you buy lingerie online, you should check the fabrics of bras and panties. Lingerie is made of nylon, cotton, polyester, Spandex and silk. Avoid wearing polyester during summer. Instead, look for breathable fabric like cotton. Rule:9 Say No to Workout in Your Normal Bras Normal bras are not for gyming! A normal bra doesn\u2019t provide the support and comfort you need during your workout. Opt for sports bras that are mainly crafted to minimize your breast moments, reduce discomfort, wick away the sweat and keep you cool for long hours. Rule:10 You Shall Discard a Worn-out Bra Whether it is expensive or your current favourite, replace your bra every six months. Keep at least three to five bras and panties in rotation to maximize your undergarments' lifetime. You should be more careful while washing and storing your bras. Try to wash your undergarments separately. It is time for a new lingerie set! Browse through our latest collection of lingerie from comfy to sensuous lace bras to look your best!","category":"Bra FAQs"}]