[{"title":"Shyaway Makes the Femina Power Brands 2021 List","url":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/shyaway-makes-the-femina-power-brands-2021-list\/","thumbimage":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/02\/Featured-Image-1.jpg","content":"Crafted to support, empower and enhance, Shyaway never fails to fulfill Indian women\u2019s lingerie desire. We are delighted to announce that Shyaway is crowned as one of India\u2019s fave brands and spotted in the prestigious Femina\u2019s Power brand list 2021. Shyaway was launched in 2015 to facilitate Indian women with luxurious lingerie at impressive prices.\u00a0 Dedicated to offering premium lingerie at affordable prices, our brand has a motto: to offer lingerie across India to meet every woman\u2019s lifestyle needs. Shyaway believes that lingerie is not just a piece of undergarment; like your outer garment, it is an important piece that gives women a little extra boost of confidence and a flawless look. Shyaway lingerie makes women more beautiful, confident, strong, stylish, and feminine. Tailored with a unique approach to providing undergarments that can enhance your look, add adequate support, and prevent sagging with all-day wearability. Shyaway has something for every woman from delicate lace to comfiest everyday cotton bras, offering in all shapes and sizes. It is a leading lingerie brand delivering comfortable t-shirt bras and sophisticated pieces from casual to classy looks. Shyaway invested in crafting soft-cup bras, undies, nightwear, bridal lingerie, honeymoon wear, sleepwear, shapewear, sportswear, legwear, and other accessories without compromising a femininely flattering look and provides the perfect solution to lingerie requirements. Believes in balancing the size and style to offer sensuality with everyday practicality. Significantly contributed to delivering the ideal lingerie for everyday to special occasions. The brand\u2019s groundbreaking and fashionable lingerie pieces help women look gorgeous and feminine. By understanding women\u2019s lingerie preferences and needs, Shyaway lingerie was born, and customers cherished the brand's price, style, and service. When it comes to lingerie designing, the brand has the flexibility to adapt or improvise in every piece of lingerie by adding lace decorates and soft cup padding to accentuate a woman\u2019s beauty.\u00a0 As a result, customers get their lingerie with premium finishes, snugly fit that\u00a0 accentuates her curves. Shyaway supports women empowerment by offering lingerie that reminds them to be feminine and stay strong. The brand helps bring out a confident and strong woman inside you. \u201cWe have been crafting lingerie to suit any Indian woman\u2019s needs. We are delighted to be a part of Femina\u2019s Power brands list 2021. It is a great honor to receive, and this special recognition gives the motivation to create more lovely lingerie for our beloved customers.\u201d explains Gopinathan R.\u00a0 Shyaway keeps on offering romantic, empowering, and intricately designed lingerie to Indian women's lingerie drawers to achieve the perfect balance of comfort, style, and femininity. The brand is known for its unmatched level of irresistible lingerie pieces tailored to the finest materials. Today, Shyaway offers a great collection of lingerie in 100 plus styles, with discreet packaging, timely delivery, and ships across India to give complete lingerie shopping solutions. For more information, please visit: https:\/\/www.femina.in\/trending\/achievers\/meet-indias-fave-brands-that-made-to-feminas-power-brands-list-2021_-183971.html  ","category":"Lingerie Industry News"},{"title":"Benefits of Nursing Bras During Pregnancy Trimesters Stages","url":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/benefits-of-nursing-bras-during-pregnancy-trimesters-stages\/","thumbimage":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/02\/Pregnancy-trimester-Different-Stages-of-Pregnancy.jpg","content":"Pregnancy is the most important and joyous phase in every woman's life. From day one of your pregnancy, you would have made a lot of changes in your lifestyle, food, or whatever decision you take. But what about your bras? Have you switched to nursing bras? Nearly 90% of women think that nursing bras are only for feeding your little one, which is absolutely wrong. Nursing bras are used for all pregnancy trimesters stages. Should I Wear a Bra During Pregnancy? There is a myth saying that you shouldn\u2019t wear a bra during pregnancy. If you want to prevent yourself from sagging breasts then you should definitely wear a Pregnancy bra. But prefer a bra which is of good quality and made with soft fabrics like cotton and spandex.\u00a0 Use of Bra During Trimesters First Trimester The first trimester can be a little tough because this is the first stage of your pregnancy. This is the period where you\u201d ll experience mood swings, morning sickness, and much more health related issues. Most importantly this is the period when your pregnancy breast growth happens and it becomes sore and sensitive as they prepare for lactation. For all that mood swings, discomfort and nipple sensitivity the foremost thing you need during your first trimester is \u201cComfort\u201d regular bra will not give you the comfort you need and your regular bras will not accommodate your breast\u2019s changes which start from the early stages of pregnancy.\u00a0 Second Trimester\u00a0 In the second trimester, you may experience tiny bumps and your breasts even start to become heavy because this is the developing stage of your milk ducts. So it is advisable to prefer a cup size larger to accommodate your growing breasts. During this stage, you may also notice nipple discharge so moisture-wicking fabrics will help you to prevent this. Colostrum discharge can occur anytime so it is important to be prepared. As said earlier you may have tiny painless bumps in your breasts so wearing harsh fabrics can make it even worse. Consider buying bras made with Soft fabrics like cotton and spandex Third Trimester\u00a0 The third trimester is the stage where you\u2019ll experience rapid growth in your breasts. Your breasts will become larger and heavier than in previous trimesters. So to avoid discomfort right size bras are important. This is the most important and crucial stage in your motherhood so wearing a comfortable bra that is made of the finest fabrics is most important.\u00a0 What You Should Look in a Nursing Bra Prefer bra that has\u00a0 No underwire Good fitting Adjustable straps\u00a0 Soft fabrics Adjustability in the band Larger cup sizes Should fit and accommodate tender, sensitiveness and growing breasts Motherhood should not stop you from slaying. Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you should wear boring bras. Shyaway has a wide range of exclusive nursing bra collections of different sizes and styles. Right from the first month a little care on your bras will prevent you from sagging breasts and gives you happy motherhood.\u00a0","category":"Indian Maternity Trends"},{"title":"Benefits of Nursing Bra: Explained","url":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/benefits-of-nursing-bra-explained\/","thumbimage":"https:\/\/blog.shyaway.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/01\/Benefits-of-Wearing-a-Nursing-Bra.jpg","content":"All About Benefits of Nursing Bras The joy of motherhood can\u2019t be explained in words. It's not just the birth of a child but also the birth of a mother. You give your newborn A-Z the best, why not for yourself. Wait, if you think nursing bras have nothing to do with your newborn, then continue reading this blog. Comfort\u00a0 The first and foremost benefit of nursing bras is their comfort. Nursing bras are tailored in a way to give utmost comfort to the mothers for their sensitive breasts after pregnancy.\u00a0 Your breast size may change after pregnancy, or while breastfeeding. It is not good or advisable to use your regular bras.\u00a0 Ease Maternity bras come without an underwire so you can wear them with ease for a longer period of time. Nursing bras are crafted without an underwire because breasts will become sensitive right after pregnancy so wearing an underwire for a long time can hurt you. Support Even though feeding bras don't have an underwire it gives you full support without making it tight. Because tight bras can clog your milk ducts which can even decrease your milk supply. Flexible Maternity bras are made flexible so it can accommodate your breast changes. The breast can change in size and weight after pregnancy or during breastfeeding, which needs extra care and support which your regular bras lacks to provide\u00a0 Health Breastfeeding bras can avoid mastitis or other breast infection which is mainly caused by wearing tight bras with uncomfortable fabrics. Features Nursing bras come in various features that you can breastfeed with ease anytime and anywhere without any hesitation. On the other side, you can happily flaunt in all your favourite outfits. Soft Fabrics Nursing\/Maternity\/Feeding bras are made of soft material like cotton and spandex. The main aspect that makes a nursing bra comfortable is its fabric. Both cotton and spandex are good at moisture wicking which prevents the formation of fungus or bacteria. Style Nursing bras give you various benefits in style. Nursing bras come in all attractive styles and colours just like your regular bras. Even you can\u2019t easily differentiate them\u00a0 Shape The right size nursing bra gives you full coverage, support, and will accommodate your breasts. This gives you appealing and good shape in all your outfits.\u00a0 Easy Feeding\u00a0 As its name says the foremost purpose of the nursing bra or feeding bra is to give you convenient access to feed your baby. To make the work easier, nursing bras come in various clasps\/slits or open without hooks to feed your little ones with safety.  ","category":"Bridal Trends"}]