Make Your Bras Last Long With Shyle Bra Laundry Bag

Shyle Bra Bags

Shyle Bra Laundry Bag is one must-have accessory of your wash area. The bag is cylindrical in shape and made of nylon mesh. This gives brushing effect to the clothes inside while protecting them from damages.

Bra Washing Bag


When expensive, padded bras fill your closet, you need to maintain them properly for a better life span. Dumping the costly stuffs in washing machines and tumble drying rashly definitely spoil their life and that is why you need a specialised bag to cleanse dirt from the stuff without affecting the padding and other embellishments.

Bra Washing Bag

The nylon helps providing a protecting layer to the clothes inside and the bag as such dries quickly without retaining moisture much inside the stuff. Price factor also is an advantage favouring the bag. One to two bras can only be washed at a time – this may seem to be a disadvantage to the product but stocking 3 or 4 bras can never act a burden to you considering its cost factor. Since its launch, has been getting good responses from the users. They are thankful for the product that saves the life of the clothes they buy at high price.

Bra Washing Bag


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