Valentine's Day Women's Lingerie Color Collections

Shyaway Adds New Colors to Its Valentine’s Day Collection

Shyaway Adds New Colors to Its Valentine’s Day Collection

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Color Collections 2021

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Color Collections

This is the season of romance where one can hardly escape being hit by Cupid’s golden arrow. Everything is hearts and roses, and pinks and reds when it comes to Valentine’s Day Lingerie Color Collections . However, we at Shyaway wanted to bring in new colors and fresh designs that would suit the modern day of love. Shyaway’s Valentine’s day lingerie is not just about sexy French laces, but it is rather something relatable, comfortable, and dashing all at once. 

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Colors at Shyaway


 Valentine’s Day Lingerie Purple Color 2021 

A delicate yet rich color that is an absolute bliss to wear, lilac is something we strongly recommend this Valentine’s Day. This adorable shade of light purple can hardly go unnoticed when it comes to selecting your V-Day lingerie. At Shyaway, you have a line-up of bras, panties, and capris sets in lilac all set to steal your hearts. Make room for this sweet hue this year and witness yourself brimming with comfort while being classy. 

Fandango Pink

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Pink Color 2021

A bright and striking shade of pink you’ll love for its flamboyancy. After all, what is Valentine’s without a dash of pink? We have exhibited an interesting array of pinks in almost every type of lingerie here at Shyaway. Bras, panties, capris sets, babydolls, sportswear, you name it, we have it in every shade of pink that’ll bowl you over. 

Fiery Red

Sexy Red Valentine’s Day Lingerie 2021

We have never missed to seize an opportunity to showcase our fiery red bras. Shyaway’s Valentine’s Day collection is loaded with reds that are bold and daring. Be it fancy bralettes or sexy babydolls, this beaming color would do wonders to your whole look. Try your hands on different fabrics like lace, satin, and mesh and let the romance unfold. 

Mahogany Brown

Valentine’s Day Lingerie Brown Color 2021

Utterly comfortable and eye-pleasing, our brown lingerie will strike a vibe that is completely unique from the regularism of pinks and reds. You can also choose our coffee-colored bras and panties to wear beneath white and light-shaded Valentine’s Day outfits. Or if you are someone who loves to spend a cozy evening at home, try our soft brown pyjamas tailored in soft fabric.

Chime Grey

Valentine’s Day Grey Color Lingerie 2021

Gone are the days when grey was portrayed gloomy. Today, this calm and composed color will make your days less dramaful. And the most beautiful part is that our bralettes are so intricate yet simple making them the perfect Valentine’s Day lingerie. Pair these grey bralettes as crop tops with long skirts to swirl around in style this special day!

Calla Green

 Valentine’s Day Lingerie Calla Green Color 2021

The luxury of our Calla green lingerie is beyond what words can explain. This color is so versatile that it can adapt itself into a sexy push-up bra or stay lush and comfy in a soft and cozy nightwear. 

With every Valentine’s Day comes new fashion, fresh colors, and an amiable mood. So make room for new pieces of lingerie this V-Day that are refreshingly dashing and at the same time practical. 

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