Shyle Black Red Heart Emboss Panty (328-BlackRed)

Shyle Black Red Heart Emboss Panty (328-BlackRed)

Shyle Black Red Heart Emboss Panty (328-BlackRed)


It is very rare to see panties as pretty as these. These panties from shyle are specially crafted and beautifully sewn to adorn your derriere. This chick style undergarment is for a bubbly you. The elastic bands spread over either sides of the hips will make the product more gorgeous.
They can be used with funky, casual dresses. These kinds of panties are much suited for honey moon purposes. It will adorn your curves and make your moments romantically special.
These are highly fashionable stuffs with soft material layered inside with cotton crutch to absorb moisture. This describes their functionality uses. Being stylish and functional at the same time makes a product wearer friendly. The MRP is also of great advantage of the product.

The panties offer minimal coverage to the rear and so it would not be liked by conservative women. Since it is embossed by lace, special care has to be taken while washing. Ie, it is easy for them to get strangled in the machine while tumble drying.
These beautiful stuffs have been getting good responses from the customers. Customers are literally astonished by the new look of the panties and had good purchases.

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