Yes, many a times, we have talked about lingerie and wearing what’s comfortable, fitting and what suits us the best. This goes for our night wear as well. Certainly, after a day full of activity, you do look forward to unwind peacefully. Finally, when it’s time to embrace the sleep fairy, we would want to loosen up a bit on our clothing, seeking for utmost comfort.

Pyjama Sets Can Enhance Your Comfort And Style

Of course, it’s all about our personal choice. However, why not go in for some outfit, suitable for all our household chores? Yes, you’re right. I’m talking about pyjamas. Sporting a pyjama with a matching top will not only enhance your comfort and style. It’ll also save you from hurriedly searching for better clothes to wear, when someone suddenly knocks at your door.

Evidently, Pyjama Sets have been in fashion for quite some time. It’s no sin to add some stylish, colourful, printed ones to our night wear wardrobe. Moreover, whether its spring, summer, monsoon or winter, we can wear it in any season. Well, apart from a cozy bed and all your relaxing accessories, a trendy Pyjama Set will be the best companion to help you de-stress. Pair it with a Cotton Bra and then take off to fantasy land in your dream world. There’ll be no one to stop you.

Our Latest Launch Of Wholesome Pyjama Set Collections

Our loose-fitting, full length trousers extend till the ankle. They have a relaxed and comfortable fit with pockets on either side, elasticised waistband with wide, black tie-string to adjust the fit. The matching Tees that come along with the pyjamas have been tailored with short sleeves, round neck and sit at hip level. The sets have been designed with finely-sewn necklines and hem, quotes printed in the front and side pockets. The attractive shades, colourful prints and appliqué work definitely seem magical.

Unwind Gracefully In Style

Spend your nights in these ultra-comfortable, utterly stylish,  printed pyjama sets. They are crafted with 100% high-quality cotton with 0% compromise on breathability and moisture-absorbing knit. These wonderful sets are breezy, cool and perfect for use in all kinds of weather, all year round.

So, get set for your daily tasks, your early morning exercises, Yoga, Pilates or meditation, and unwind peacefully in your perfect Pyjama Set. Do plan out some Pyjama Parties or sleepovers with your besties sometimes. It’ll be a great source of rejuvenation. You can include fun games like passing the pillow, Antakshari, hangman, etc. Keep tasty snacks like pizza, salads, fruits, cup cakes, chips and popcorn. And then, have a blast. What else can calm your mind, body, and soul better?

Buy 2 for 1499

Buy 2 for 1499