What should be checked about underwires before buying an underwired bra?

underwired bra

Check out on these tips to buy flawless under wire bras:

  • You cannot say that one bra is better than the other. Each has its own purpose, and what works for you might not work for everyone.
  • Different wire shapes produces different breast shapes. So decide what shape would you like.
  • Underwires shouldn’t be painful, but you can get discomfort from pressure points with larger cup sizes. Shop around for the best bra shape for you, but also try a non-wired bra.
  • The more the wire tries to change your shape, the more likely it is to cause twinges. Push up bras with plunge wires are pretty harsh, so leave them for short term wear if you’re having problems.
  • As a common rule, to be comfortable, the wire must not sit on any breast tissue. If it does, it may be because the wire may be too small or not pulled out enough by the fabric of the bra wing. If this is the case, then it is good not to buy the bra!
  • This also means that if you have a huge difference between the left and right breast, fit to the largest breast.
  • Ignore baseless descriptions such as ‘short, super-long and extra-long wires’ which are far from helpful and use this article as a reference!

Do you have any more questions about underwires? Please leave them in the comments, and we’ll answer!

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