A common mistake that women aren’t aware of is the right bra size. Both choosing bras larger than your breast or smaller ones that cling on tightly will end you in trouble. The large ones may cause sagging and small ones may cause back pain. All that is said, it is common because we don’t know to measure for the right size. Or we know, but we get confused with the terms of numbers and alphabets? Any which way, we have a solution to understand your Bra and fit your breasts accordingly.

Basics of Bra

Every bra is done on this basis and is the bare essential. All bras have an anatomy and the basics are as follows

Cups – These are the ones that cover the breast area. Cups are determined by Alphabets like A, B till D. The size of the cup is, size of your breast, certain brands have AA, DD, DDD or E etc. For better understanding AAA, AA is smaller cup sizes than A, like (S) is for small (XS) & (XXS) are Extra Small. Whereas, when it comes to DDD, DD; they are larger than D just like (L) for large and (XL) & (XXL) for Extra Large. Few brands call DDD as E.


Band – Band is the circumference measurement of underbust or where the lower portion of the bra sits. Band size is determined by Numeric like 28, 30, 32 till 44. This is measured two ways;

  1. Under band size, the circumference measurement of under bust.
  2. Over Bust size, the measurement across the largest portion of the bust or measurement over nipples.

The important fact about Band in a bra is, it gives the maximum support to the bust. And wings are part of the band which is at back with the Hook & Eye.

The Right Bra

Now, that the fog of Cups & Bands is lifted, let’s see how to find the perfect bra for you.

The difference between the Band size measurements is the Cup size and it is in inches. The under band measurement is the constant numerical and the overbust size is the helper to find cup size. Match the difference by numbering the Alphabets

Below are the cup measurements:

1/2 inch  =    AA cup
1 inch      =    A cup
2 inches  =   B cup
3 inches  =   C cup
4 inches  =   D cup

Band size

For Example, let’s say the Under Band Measurement is 32 this is the unchanged constant. The Overbust size is 34. So the difference is 2 which according to general cup measurement is B

Hence, your Bra size is 32B.

Sister Sizing

Measuring method is the same for every breast type. But somehow we will have problems of Cup or Band as a tight fit for different breast types. This is where the sister sizing comes for help, it is nothing but fitting with few variations in variables.

For Example

  1. The Bra you chose is 36C and the busts don’t sit right, it means that your cup size is wrong. You can simply opt for lower cup sizes with the same band size like 36A or 36B.
  2. So, if the bra you chose is 38B and the band is too tight. Then go for one band size small but choose 36C. Why? Usually, if you go one band size small go one cup size up the cup size will be small too, to match the cup of 38B; C cup of 36 is perfect.

To simplify this even more, if Band size goes one size up, the Cup goes one down and vice versa for a perfect fit.

Shyaway.com gives you a much simpler shopping experience to our customers by the way of Bra Size Calculator. Since you have everything about getting a perfect Bra, get your measuring tape and type the found measurements in the chart. You will get the perfect Bra Size and all you have to do is shop for your favorite color and type of Bras.