“Women should be wearing lingerie for their damn selves”-Rihanna.

The Umbrella star has a lot under her sleeve, doesn’t she? When she first took it to instagram about launching her very own lingerie line, the internet went all crazy over the announcement. Reputed for her fierce and sexy looks, Rihanna’s online lingerie store Savage X Fenty did complete justice to her striking persona. It got sold like hot cakes within a few minutes after the site became live. The wow part is that the site almost crashed because of the craze. Um, the singer sure knows how to make a business click.

Rihanna’s online lingerie store Savage X Fenty

Just look at how she flaunts oomph with so much ease. Uff! Too hot to handle!

Sexy corsets and steamy garters make a huge part of the singer’s lingerie line which she often takes it to insta for promotion. With those super-sleek stilettos accentuating her look, we can’t stop drooling over the girl’s magic in this one.

Rihanna’s lingerie line

Rihanna’s body-positive attitude reflects a lot on Savage X’s bras and panties. Yes, the diva keeps coming up with innovative ideas about introducing newer sizes to her collection. Glad that there is finally someone who has addressed the issue of plus size lingerie.

plus size lingerie

Rihanna is someone who embraces womanhood and it mirrors outright in her sleepwear range. From soothing satin babydolls to sheer fur-lined robes, her choice of fabric and patterns is leaving us jaw dropped. The pop star often shows off her braless look in several public appearances and we doubt how she resists the tempt to wear these adorable pieces of lingerie.

adorable pieces of lingerie

Apart from the regulars, Rihanna continually brings on fancy additions to the line-up. Not only did she focus on honeymoon lingerie but has also has brought in sexy accessories including handcuffs, whips, and eye mask. Btw, is she a fan of the fifty shades trilogy? Well, we are clueless as well!

unco concepts

Her unco concepts and idea towards launching lingerie in a whole new dimension has already caught all the parparrazi. The brand is very young and has a lot more additions to come in the near future, we suppose! So we guess it is obvious that Savage X Fenty is truly savage in every way!