On this International Women’s Day we feel it is essential to talk about fashion. We take immense pride in women’s contribution to fashion over the decades. Fashion and women are inseparable not only because women like to dress fashionably but also the fact that millions of women who work towards creating something novel are the inevitable part of the fashion industry.

International Women’s Day

Generation Equality: On this International Women’s Day

Fashion will not change the world but the women who wear them will”! Indeed! It is those women, who are working in various sectors of the fashion industry starting from researching, designing, sewing, modeling, advertising and many such divisions in the industry who have inspired the way women dress today and make them feel more confident.

Importance of Fashion on International Women’s Day

International Women’s day is all about celebrating the achievement of freedom and equality in a gender-biased society/world. In the olden days women were not able to dress the way they wanted. Talking about lingerie or even uttering bra or panty was a crime. Today in the 21st century most women have become empowered and are at liberty to embrace fashion and talk about it. Boudoir lingerie fashion has become an inevitable part of women’s everyday lives.

Why Fashion Matters

Fashion is a woman’s dear to heart bestie. While education makes her take control of her own life fashion refines her personality. Innovation in lingerie making makes her walk tall with confidence.  On this International Women’s day know that it is not only the fabric and appearance of a bra or panty but also the correct fit that increases your confidence. 

A survey says that more than 20% of women think that there is something wrong with their body if their lingerie doesn’t fit. But the fact is that they just need the right type and correct size bras.

International Women’s Day Theme 2020: “I Am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights”

It emphasizes gender equality and being aware of women’s rights. The message puts more focus on the current generation.

Women’s Day Fashion Theme

Women’s Day Fashion

According to the IWD website purple and white speaks about women’s equality. Celebrate this International Women’s Day with the lingerie colors that symbolize our freedom and empowerment. It is us, women who must take it forward to inspire others.

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