Having smaller breasts is not an uncommon issue faced by women. Many women want bigger breasts basically because society portrays a woman to be beautiful and sexy only if they have larger breasts and perfect curves. So in order to fit in the circle women long for bigger breasts. Especially social media has made people believe that a woman must have bigger breasts to look perfect. This makes many women insecure and less confident about their bodies. But it is not how it works, there are several factors that determine the breast size of a woman such as genetics, body fat, lifestyle.

Accept Yourself

You need to accept some facts, having smaller breasts is not your mistake, it does not make you less of a woman, less attractive or less powerful. Women with smaller breasts are often considered to have lower self-esteem and confidence. But it has nothing to do with it. You just got to understand every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. Love yourself and accept you for who you are. The real beauty lies in who you are inside and how you carry yourself with confidence. It might be difficult and will take time to love yourself but you do not need society’s approval to feel beautiful and sexy with smaller breasts.

Tips to Increase Breast Size

If you wish to have bigger breasts then also it is absolutely fine. It is your body you need to decide what you want to do with it but just know that you do not have to do this because of society’s pressure on women with smaller breasts. There are several ways to get bigger breasts. You cannot see drastic changes but you can definitely achieve a better increase in size.

Guide to wear the right bra size

1.  Wearing the Right Bra Size

Wearing a bra that is bigger than your size will not make your breasts bigger but it can make your breasts look saggy and smaller and more importantly a loose-fitting bra will show the lines of your bra through the dress which you don’t want.

Does Wearing Tight Bra Increase Breast Size?

Wearing a smaller size bra can make you look flat-chested because of the tightness. It might also lead to several issues such as breast cancer and breast soreness. Considering all these facts, it is really important to wear the right size bra as it will help you maintain the correct shape of your breasts.

Does Wearing a Sports Bra Increase Breast Size?


There is no evidence that sports bra can increase breast size but it provides great support for women with both smaller and larger breasts.

Types of Bra to Increase Breast Size

  • Padded Bras: If you wish to have fuller breasts then you can opt for bras with a pad. Padded bras have pads fixed to enhance and add volume to your breasts. It will create a natural look uplifting your breasts. Most of the bras are now padded but come in different materials, shapes, patterns, and designs.
  • Push-Up Bras: Push up bras push your breasts up and bring them closer in order to create the perfect cleavage. Inside the pads, silicone or foam is provided in order to give more volume and enhance your breasts.
  • Underwire Bras: Underwire bras have a piece of wire that is sewn under the cups. It provides support to your breasts by lifting them up and by enhancing and maintaining the natural shape of the breasts.
  • Balconette Bras: The straps of the balconette bra are set far apart to lift up your breast and enhance it. All of the Shyaway bras listed are padded to give more support and enhancement to your Breast.

2. Exercise and Yoga to Enhance Breasts

Enhance Breast Using Yoga and workout

There are some exercises that can enhance your chest muscles and some of them can be followed at home. You can follow exercises like dumbbell press, butterfly press, bench press, etc. There are some exercises that can also be done at home such as push-ups, wall press, dumbbell press that can be also done by using filled water bottles. These exercises focus on strengthening your pectoral muscles that are under the breast tissues. They can firm and tone the chest muscles providing larger and healthy-looking breasts.


There are some yoga postures that can certainly help you to increase breast size. Bhujangasana/Cobra pose, Ustrasana/camel pose, Vrikshasana/tree position, these are some simple yet effective yoga postures that help to strengthen the chest muscles and you can see a visible change in your breast size after doing these for few months

3. Foods That Can Enhance Your Breast Size

Foods That can Enhance Your Breast

Breasts mostly consist of fatty tissues, so weight gain can also make an effect on your breasts. But in case if you do not want to gain weight then you can eat foods with a high estrogen level. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for the growth of your breasts and is secreted by the ovaries.

  • Soya and Tofu: Many studies proved that Soy and Tofu contain phytoestrogen and isoflavones, these can mimic the estrogen in the bodies and helps to stimulate the growth of breast tissues.
  • Flax Seeds: The seeds are rich in healthy fats, it is believed to increase breast size. You can include this in your smoothies, salads, etc.
  • Papaya: Papaya contains a high amount of phytoestrogen which helps increase your breast size. And there are many other foods that can help breast growth.

The Most Common Doubt Is About the Sleeping Position to Increase/Reduce Breast Size

Sleeping Position to Increase Breast size

There is no particular sleeping position to increase/decrease the breast size.  But sleeping on your stomach might be bad for your breasts because most of the weight is in the middle of your body and sleeping your side can cause their ligaments to stretch. So sleeping position matters and it is important for your health but it might not affect your breast size.

There are several creams available in the market that can be massaged on your breasts to increase your breast size. You can also try breast augmentation but it is really expensive and unsafe and has many side effects such as breast pain, necrosis, etc.