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How to choose a perfect full coverage bra

How to choose a perfect full coverage bra

We have a lot of choices in bras from bralette bras, cami bras, lace bras, denim bras, tube bras to strapless bras. But the full coverage everyday bras are always highly functional ones. An everyday bra will be the first thing you will reach out for every morning. Let’s see some special things about full coverage bras and how to choose a perfect one?

Full coverage bras have a high neckline which covers full or most of the breast area. Women who are not the flaunting type are likely attracted to an everyday bra. Just because everyday bras offer full coverage it doesn’t mean that they can’t make you look sexy. Choosing the right style and fit of full coverage bra can you fetch you a flawless and sexy look.

Everyday bras may seem to be very conventional, but their comfort and support are unmatched. When shopping an everyday bra all you need to do is just the following three steps:

Choose the right band size

Full coverage bras provide the best support from their bands. So always finding your band size correctly should be the first step before shopping a bra. Band size is nothing but your torso just under the bust. Measure it perfectly so the bra band stays fit around your body.

Choose the correct cup size

The cup of the bra is very important because the cup of the bra is accommodating your bust and holding it all day. So cups that fit your bust size without causing spillage are essential. Measuring the cup size is simple; take a measuring tape wrap it around the full bust at the nipple level.  After measuring your bust size take a look at the cup size chart below.

Bra cup size chart

Bra cup size chart

The difference between your band size and the bust size indicates which type of cup your breasts belong to.

And then yes, the straps

Straps are holding your cups in place so choosing straps that don’t dig into the skin or very loose straps cannot be a perfect fit bra. Sometimes the straps can find out whether you are wearing the right fit. If you happen to adjust the straps every day then it is indicating that your bra size isn’t correct. So straps do play a role in choosing a bra.

Best things about a full coverage bra.

Women with large cup sizes often fight with the breast spillage problem. In that case, the full coverage bra comes to the rescue. They support the heavy breast and spread the weight of the breast so the bra is so comfortable and fitting to them.

Full coverage bras give a smooth and seamless look underneath a tight-fitting dress or t-shirts.

You don’t have to stay away from choosing a full coverage bra, choosing full coverage bras in lace, molded, underwire or padded styles can create you the sexy and flattering shape.

Full coverage bras can turn into a minimizer bra; they can create an illusion of a smaller bust. So heavy breast women let full coverage bras be in your shopping cart next time.

Some tips to choose a bra wisely…

  • Choosing a wideband bra can sometimes be a bad idea. So pick bras with bands that stay in the lower middle of your back so the cups are staying in place.
  • If you’re still having spillage problems in the front or sides with a full coverage problem then you should choose a bra of the next cup size.
  • If underwire bras are your favorite again focus on the cup size, underwire of the bra can sit on your bust, and make your cup inappropriate to your bust size. So concentrate on cup size!
  • Invest in quality. Your everyday bras will have a larger lifespan if the fabric  and seam are of good quality
  • Always wear bras in rotation. Maintain at least a day between wears so that the bra will be fit for many uses.
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