How to Choose the Right Type of Sports Bra for You

How to Choose the Right Type of Sports Bra for Your Activity?

How to Choose the Right Type of Sports Bra for Your Activity?

How Popular Is the Sports Bra in India?

Gone are the days when women shied away from intense sports activities. Today, the female folks have proved their potential by succeeding in everything from hiking to mountain biking. Don’t the energy, adrenaline rush, and never-give-up attitude demand a importance of wearing a sports bra, there isn’t much knowledge about how to pick the right one.

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra?

First of all, let’s check out how sports bras are categorized.

1.      Low-impact sports bra

2.     Medium-impact sports bra

3.     High-impact sports bra

Low-Impact Sports Bra



Routines such as yoga, meditation, and strength training don’t need the same support as cycling or jogging. Hence, a low-impact sports bra with minimal support will easily do the job in activities that don’t involve a lot of bounce. Usually, low-impact sports bras don’t come with compression padding or encapsulation cups. They are simple, breathable, and tailored with light-weight fabric for comfort during low-intensity movements. 

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Medium-Impact Sports Bra



Cross-fit, Zumba, cycling, and other activities that involve a lot of physical movements and breast bounce come under sports that are in need of a medium-impact sports bra. These bras are generally padded and offer good compression. In most cases, medium-impact sports bras come with removable padding so that it can also be worn as a low-impact bra. Unlike its counterpart, medium-impact sports bras offer great bust support and bounce protection. You also get to experience free arm movement with these racerback bras

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High-Impact Sports Bra



Tailored with the perfect blend of compression and encapsulation techniques, high-impact sports bras are suitable for intense activities like running, cardio, and jumping jacks. Instead of the conventional uni-boob shape, these bras have distinct molded cups that offer high bust control compared to the other two. Bounce protection during heavy movements is necessary as you might end up with neck, shoulder, or posture problems in the long run when your breasts don’t receive the support they need. 

How to Choose Your Sports Bra Size?

How-to- choose-your-sports-bra-size


Choosing a bra of the right size is as vital as picking the right style. In fact, it is much more important than anything else for that matter. There are several sports sports bra fitting guidelines on the Internet that take your bust, and band measurement as input. Make sure you use any of these to achieve a proper fit. Remember to take a keen look at the following.

  1.       The cups shouldn’t constrict blood flow
  2.       Make sure the straps don’t chafe
  3.       The band shouldn’t dig into your skin
  4.      Opt for slip-on/ front-open style if hooks bother you during physical activities

Hustle that muscle in your favorite sports bra. But, keep in mind that you’ll be able to achieve the complete benefit only when you pick the right one.

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