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How Your Lingerie Is Made

How Your Lingerie Is Made

Satisfy your lingerie desire at an affordable price! Shyaway lingerie is designed with love and tailored with care. Unlike other clothing, designing lingerie needs special skills. If you think about why this tiny piece of clothing (lingerie) is expensive, continue reading this blog and learn how your lingerie is made.

Lingerie Design and Manufacturing 

Lingerie manufacturing and designing


  • Designing lingerie is not rocket science but somewhat close to it. No, not, joking! As said earlier, to tailor your perfect lingerie, we use expensive and sophisticated machines.
  • Zig Zag lockstitch, pattern tacking, single needle stitch, a double-needle stitch, and a separate machine for making bra straps are needed in the process of stitching a bra.


We use first quality components in making your bra. Unlike other apparel, it requires more than 20 components to craft a bra.

Specially Skilled Labours    Specially Skilled Labours for Lingerie Design

  • The industry needs specified skilled workers. From planning to stitching tiny parts together, we need extensive workers. And, also some bras require years of research and development.
  • Our team of experienced designers understands your needs and current trends requirements. So we often come up with innovative designs in creating different lingerie styles.
  • A single bra consists of multiple fabrics and parts—for example, clasp, band, apex, wing, slider and ring. Also, cutting the patterns requires absolute accuracy and concentration.

Raw Materials Materials Used in Lingerie Design

Fabrics play a significant role in providing comfort, so choosing suitable  fabrics is essential. Low-quality materials can cause skin problems. We use premium quality feather-like fabrics that act as a second skin. All our fabrics, including cotton, nylon, polyester and lace, are of first-grade quality.


Bras come in at least six band sizes and almost 15-20 cup sizes. Cup sizes repeat for every band size and vice versa. Bra cups are shaped by a heat machine that resembles a natural breast shape.


Lingerie is a durable product. So, before a product goes live, we do a lot of testing. Testing includes checking the durability of the product and checking the quality of the product.


Once your Innerwear is constructed, we separate them according to the style, size and cup size. We also do a final quality check before our product reaches you.

Discreet Packaging 

Shyaway understands your priorities, so we provide you with discreet packaging. All our products are packed in cardboard boxes without markings or invoice details outside.

Learn About Your Lingerie     lingerie design facts

Here are some other lingerie industry facts you should know-

  • Quality is controlled in all stages of the production process.
  • Plus, size requires different patterns, construction, and extra fabrics.
  • Designer lingerie is more expensive than other bras because designer bra requires extra care, labour and time.
  • Bridal Inner wear is expensive, crafted with mulberry silk and satin blend fabrics.
  • Experienced workers skill-fully craft every piece of Shyaway lingerie.

Note- Not all bra bras are made in the same process. Cheap bras forgo many methods and steps. We hope now you have come to know why a bra is expensive!.

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