Mother’s Day Lingerie for Her Mother and Her

Mother’s Day Lingerie for Mother and Daughter

Mother’s Day Lingerie for Mother and Daughter

Although we are daddy’s little princess, we have always impersonated our mothers. Most of us  have grown up with our mothers as our role models, from stealing her lipsticks or bindis to trying on her saree or footwear when she was not around.

The saying “You never know what’s in a woman’s heart” is true when it comes to our mothers. No matter how best of friends you and your mother are, she also has secret desires shoved deep down in her heart, locked with the pressure of being an ideal Indian Mom. 

Mothers tell that they don’t like some stuff but how many of us, later on, found out that she liked it and was sacrificing it for the sake of us?

 Lingerie as Gift For this mother’s day

We know what our siblings, friends and partner like. There were no second thoughts when it came to gifting them, be it on a birthday or an anniversary or any other occasion for that matter. We are genuinely riddled with ideas when it comes to gifting our parents though.

The things we think that they like may not be their favourite, and they may be yearning for something they couldn’t buy when they were young, something they couldn’t buy now because they are too old for that and the funny thing of all is, they themselves don’t know what they like anymore.

Normally, mothers don’t have time for themselves. They just buy clothes and lingerie that looks good and fits them rather than looking into whether it is comfortable. Most of us would have pleaded, argued and thrown temper tantrums to make our mothers wear western outfit, pestered her into having a girls day out with us at posh restaurants, held her hand on an escalator in a mall and all of that passed a proud smile on her face and filled her heart to the brim with joy.

We saw her showing off to her friends about what her daughter had done for her, gathering all the jealousy, she would come home to us looking like the Queen of her own world.

We all have felt confident, free of insecurities and sometimes even entitled when we wore an attractive pair of matching lingerie. I am not talking about the Mother’s Day lingerie ideas.

Mother’s Day Lingerie gift for moms

Lingerie for Mother’s Day feels gross at first to wear matching lingerie with your mother. When you come to think of it, you forced her into wearing a western outfit just because you wanted to twin with your mother and got the same clicked for the internet.

This time though, you are not going to force her. It will be a little secret between you and your mother, a secret the world is not privy to. A small step towards bonding with your mother at a closer level, kindle her desire to wear chic-looking lingerie.

Find Mother’s Day lingerie at, introduce her to the world of sophistication and comfortable lingerie, get her to throw away all those old, ill-fitting lingerie. Teach her she may be old by age but not in her heart, just how she thinks you to be a just born baby and not a woman who knows which lingerie will suit her mother perfectly.

Best Mother’s Day Lingerie

Mother’s Day Lingerie is the best gift, and if twinning with your mother is the only way to have your mother experiment with finer lingerie, you gotta do it this Mother’s Day.

You can also check out our Zodiac lingerie collection if your mother is on a zodiac frenzy. 

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