8 Common Panty mistakes that Every Women Should Av

Panty mistakes that you can avoid

Panty mistakes that you can avoid

We take in a lot of suggestions and advice while choosing an outfit. But do we really concentrate on the panty that goes under those carefully picked outfits? Your lady parts need some special consideration because choosing the wrong panty can cause serious side effects and sometimes embarrassing moments as well.

Wearing the wrong fabric

The default skin-friendly fabric will be cotton. Wearing silk or lace panties all day will trap the moisture and sweat in that area and could cause bacterial infection. So you can limit the synthetic or lace panties to special occasions and always choose breathable fabric……cotton!

Wearing heavy seam panties

It’s always better to purchase panties with mild seam and avoid heavy seamed panties if you are a person who is in love with figure-hugging dresses. Heavy seamed panties can create visible panty lines, so select your panties based on the fit of your outfit.

Say no to going commando at day

Wearing undies 24/7 may leave your lady parts unbreathable. We hear suggestions from all around about going commando under your night dresses. If you plan to do that in the daytime every day, it’s not advisable. When you are wearing pants (especially jeans) that creates friction and you toss out panties then it would create problems.

Trying to match your panties with white outfits

 panties with white outfits

We plan our outfits well just to look fabulous among others. At times we try to match our innerwear with the outfits. This idea works well for other outfits but when you pick white color clothes it doesn’t work. Wearing white panties under white pants or dress will be more visible. Go with nude color panties so that they don’t outshine your pants or dress.

Wearing the same underwear after workouts

Mechanically we change our clothes post workout but sometimes we spare the panties. The effects are unpleasant. Though it doesn’t have internal effects, it causes rashes and itchiness in the privates. Changing a clean and dry undie after a workout is healthy and hygienic.

Wearing panties beyond the expiration

Once the elastic of your panty fails and it’s not staying in place, it’s time to throw that panty. We change our clothes for every changing season. It’s equally important to buy new panties as well.

Using harsh detergents

The skin of your private part is more sensitive than the rest of the body. When using hypoallergic detergents your skin is more prone to contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis is itchy rashes caused by direct contact of skin with allergic substances.  So, always wash your undies in delicate mode when using dryers.

Tired of wedgies…

Pulling out your panties out of the butt crack all the time…..definitely. Not choosing the right size and wearing panties with thin fabric will give you wedgies. , it is annoying. You can escape from wedgies by  choosing boy shorts, thick fabric panties or at least panties that are tight fitting.

 Identifying a style that’s completely comfortable for you

After all the recommendations it’s you who have to decide which panty suits you best. Some panties may look good but they might not be comfortable for your skin. So choosing panties tha fits your body and feels  comfort is more important.

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