What Are Hipster Panties? A Complete Guide to Hips

What Are Hipster Panties?

What Are Hipster Panties?

Panties are primarily worn by women in order to cover their genitalia. They mostly come in a breathable material with a waistband and two leg openings connected with the crotch of the panties. There are many varieties of panties available on the market, but choosing the right one for the right outfit is all that matters. One such panty that is loved by women nowadays is the hipster panty. It is now preferred by women because of the comfort it provides.

What is Hipster Panty?

The term “hipster” dates back to the 1940s, and it means clothing that is casual and sassy. Hipster panties are panties that stand somewhere between boyshorts and bikinis. They are usually designed in a way that flatters the figure. They sit a few inches below the waistline and sit perfectly on the hips of the user.

Why Choose Hipster Panties?

The main reason for choosing hipster panties is that they come in different varieties and are good for different occasions. It can also be used as everyday wear as it has wider sides and low-cut leg holes that provide absolute comfort and support to the user. The main reason to choose hipster panties is coverage. They are mostly full coverage and perfect for tight, body-hugging outfits.

Types of Hipster Panties

There are different types of hipster panties based on the style, coverage, fabric, and waist level.

Hipster Underwear Styles

Let’s have an in-depth look at the various types of hipster panties, their uses, and their advantages.

Casual Hipster Panties

Casual Hipster Panties Collections

Casual hipster panties are perfect for everyday use. They are mostly preferred by women who choose comfort over style. They are perfect for long meetings, sunny outdoor trips, a fun day with your family, or any other day when you want to feel completely relaxed and enjoy it thoroughly. They come in different patterns and prints that suit your moods.

Lacework Hipster

Best Lacework Hipster Panties

Lacework hipster panties are for those days when you want to feel sexy and sassy. The lacework hipster panties are usually made of breathable material and also provide good coverage. Lacework hipster underwear makes you feel stylish and elegant inside and out. They are all you need to complete your flirty date night outfit.

No Panty Line Hipster

Best No Panty Line Hipster Panties Collections

When you are wearing tight and close-fitting outfits, visible panty lines can cause major trouble and lead to awkward moments. In no panty line hipster panties, the edges of the panties give a smooth and neat finish, allowing you to bid a huge goodbye to the visible panty lines.

Printed Hipster

Printed Hipster Panties Collections

The prints on your panties can make a big difference. The vibrant colors and pretty patterns can instantly brighten up your day. Hipster panties come in a variety of prints, including stripes, florals, and many others.

Plus Size Hipster

Plus size Hipster Panties Online

Plus-size hipster panties are specially designed for curvy women. These panties are all you need to slay any outfit effortlessly. Meetings? Clubs? Family outings? Opt for this plus-size hipster underwear. There are various varieties of plus-size hipster panties available with cool patterns.

Hipster Waist-Level

Different -Waist-Level-Available-In-Hipster-Panties

Hipster briefs are also classified based on their waist-level. There are three different types of waistlines in hipster panties.


High-waist panties have the ability to cover most of your stomach and waist area and provide full coverage, leaving a seamless finish. Each of your body-hugging outfits needs these high-waist panties as they could also lift up your butt. Whenever you are wearing high-waist jeans or bottoms, they can be your saviour as they give an instant lift to your butt, allowing you to slay the outfit.


They are designed for those low-waist jeans and bottoms. Whenever you wear low-waist jeans, it can often make you feel awkward as your panty can sometimes be visible. To solve the issue, low-waist panties are made to fit perfectly under your low-waist pants, providing comfort all day long without any wardrobe malfunction. Always remember that high-waisted hipster panties and low-waisted jeans do not go together.


Have you ever overlooked a beautiful outfit just because it makes your belly look so obvious? Tummy fat and a bloated stomach can no longer prevent you from wearing fitted clothing. These mid-waist panties are perfect for hiding your pot belly and embracing your curves.

Hipster Coverage

: 2 Types Of Coverage In Hipster Panties

There are usually 2 different types of coverage available in hipster panties:

Full Coverage

Most women prefer full coverage panties as they are comfortable in the long run. They could cover your tummy and lift your buttocks, providing instant full coverage.So, regardless of the dress you wear, full-coverage panties can make you feel confident and comfortable at the same time.

Medium Coverage

Medium coverage panties are for those who want to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. These panties can provide instant enhancement to your butt and can be worn under any outfit, which will add extra charm to your overall look.

Did you know the best panty styles for your booty shape?

Types of Fabric

Hipster panties come in different types of fabrics each having its own advantages.



Cotton hipster underwear for girls is the most widely used panties as they are skin-friendly and allow your skin to breathe easily. Cotton panties are mostly moisture-wicking and help prevent the common yeast infections in women that are caused by the moisture depositing in the area. Cotton panties also have other benefits, they prevent allergies and alleviate odor, itching, etc.


Lace is chosen by many women as it feels comfortable and looks super sexy. They also dry fast, so, during your long travels, lace panties can also be a good option. Another major advantage is that there are many varieties of lace panties available.


Mesh hipster panties are mostly preferred because of their uniqueness. Those who opt for style rather than comfort can choose mesh. They are perfect to wear under short skirts, gowns, etc., and are breathable. They come in different sizes and patterns for the users.


Nylon is mostly chosen because of its moisture-wicking tendency. During intense workout sessions or on a sunny day, you might sweat a lot. Nylon hipster panties have a tendency to easily absorb sweat and provide comfort. But the problem is that it sometimes tends to stick to the skin and might lead to rashes or other skin problems.


Polyamide is popularly known for its soft-gliding texture. They are usually breathable and stretchy, allowing you to move around comfortably, and come in a variety of vibrant colors, designs, patterns, and sizes. So, polyamide panties are the best for those relaxing weekend trips.


Those who prefer elasticity in their panties can opt for spandex panties. They are usually lightweight, soft, and stretchy in nature. Another major advantage is that it fits perfectly on your body, leaving a flawless finish to your outfits.

The Difference Between Hipster Panties and Bikinis

  • The major difference between hipster panties and bikinis is the coverage. Hipster panties provide more coverage compared to bikinis. Bikinis are mostly exposed, and on the other hand, hipster briefs can provide adequate coverage to look sexy.
  • Hipster panties mostly come in different varieties compared to bikinis. They are designed in different fabrics, patterns, coverage, sizes, colors, etc.
  • They are mostly similar in appearance, but while worn, bikinis are usually designed to sit below the hips, and hipster panties sit a few inches below the waistline.

How to Buy Hipster Panties

  • There are two basic ways to purchase your hipster panties, through a physical store and online. It is mostly preferred to buy hipster panties online as there are several advantages to it.
  • A physical store will only have a limited set of options, whereas in an online store, you can have a lot of options to choose from.
  • Online stores mostly have a wider range of products and services compared to physical stores.
  • Hipster panties are comparatively affordable in online stores.
  • Most of the time, online stores will have a lot of offers and sales going on, so you can buy your favourite lingerie at an affordable price and save a few bucks.

Shopping for Hipster Briefs in India

Whenever you are shopping for hipster briefs in India, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

Types Of Fabrics In Hipster Panties

  • Know your size before you go shopping, the sizes of panties may sometimes differ according to brands. If you are a teenager, you will go through many bodily changes, so it is necessary to know your size before shopping. Secondly, if you are a mom-to-be, you may also need to check your size before shopping.
  • Look for a sale or discount. It will help save some extra money while you are shopping.
  • As you now know the different types of fabrics, you must also know their pros and cons so that you purchase the type of panty that suits your skin type and needs.
  • Before shopping online, it is a must to know whether you can return a particular product or not. This could avoid confusion and help you have a stress-free shopping experience.
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