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Why lingerie is expensive?

Why lingerie is expensive?

The truth behind Expensive Lingerie

Despite the fact that we buy lingerie once in a while we always look for cheap products in the market. But end up with poor-fitting and ill-shaped ones is a different story. Can we say that good quality lingerie is expensive? I will get to that in a while.

If your wallet shrinks while buying lingerie you are making some serious compromises. Do you miss out on important things like the fit, quality, finishing-the exclusiveness? You are the only person who could answer this.

Why lingerie is expensive?

You are not the only person to wonder why a tiny piece of clothing has to be expensive

  • Let’s accept the fact that lingerie construction is more technical than any other apparel.
  • The lingerie is much more functional and visually appealing than you can imagine!

Let’s get you in to what’s cooking behind expensive lingerie right away.

1. Extensive industrial machines are used in the making of Lingerie

Your lingerie is high priced because of the expensive and sophisticated machinery used in manufacturing. Bra pattern cutting machines, bra cup molding instruments are expensive. Overlock stitch, three-point stitch, bartack seams need extensive machines. Precision based instruments in pattern cutting are expensive. Various tools do the job of cutting underwires, smoothening, and painting of edges. There are various tasks and tools involved. Likewise, the maintenance cost of these machines and tools is also very high.

2. Lingerie making requires people with special skill sets

In lingerie making precision is more important. Designing lingerie, choosing the fabric, grading of patterns need skillful human hands. Moreover, lingerie is many small pieces stitched together. It involves high-end skills that make labor expenses.

3. Lingerie needs to be size inclusive

No other apparel needs a long list of sizes. Regular apparel comes in 4 to 8 sizes. But a bra has at least 6 varying band sizes and almost 15-20 cup sizes. And don’t forget every cup size repeats for every band size and vice versa. The pattern and construction differ for every cup size. It demands hard work and labor.

4. Type and cost of the fabric used for lingerie making

For lingerie, using a premium quality fabric is a must. As lingerie serves as second skin the fabric should be soft and comfortable. Cheap quality fabrics can cause rashes and itching and will wear off after a few washes. Hence high-quality brands use expensive fabrics.

5. Lingerie manufacturing needs extensive labor

Lingerie is attaching many small vital pieces and parts together. It needs careful human supervision and the help of machines. This makes lingerie construction too complicated. It requires people with extensive knowledge and skill set for excellent fit and finish. Skillful people need more pay for their work. Take a look at the intricacy involved in the lingerie you buy next time. A spaghetti-strap attachment, appliqué work, and a satin bow accent at the gore are time-consuming. They need skillful people.

A lot of people have put their effort together to manufacture such a fine piece of clothing.

Why plus size lingerie costs more?

  • Plus size lingerie needs a different set of patterns. The construction is different. Regular fitting techniques won’t work for plus size lingerie.
  • Plus size lingerie needs high tensile fabric to hold the extra weight. These fabrics cost more than regular lingerie.
  • It needs more stitches and seams. It needs more boning and reinforcement. More usage of fabric, materials, and human labor involved.
  • Wider bands and side wings for extra support cost more.
  • Extra durable straps for proper support and more sets of hook and eye closure to flatten the figure at the back.
  • The rising price of fabric and materials make plus size lingerie cost more. Lingerie with cheap quality and poor craftsmanship is available at lower prices. But after a few washes, the fabric will fray at the edges and the stitches will break. The elastic bands will lose their elasticity as it is of low quality.

Why Lace Lingerie is expensive?

  • Any lingerie made out of delicate fabric like mesh and lace needs extra care and labor.
  • It is difficult to handle lace.
  • It takes more time to make lace lingerie as it is delicate and one should handle them with extra care.
  • Authentic lace used in the process comes from a quality brand that costs high. Because it is soft on the skin and will last longer. It will not fray even after many washes.

Why Luxury/Bridal lingerie is expensive?

  • Bridal lingerie needs expensive fabric. Mulberry silk and satin blend fabrics cost more.
  • Fabric weave also decides the cost of fabric apart from its type and origin.
  • Jacquard weave gives a royal and sophisticated appearance and is expensive. Weaves used in the bridal lingerie fabric are brocade, damask, cloque, and brocatelle. These weaves need special looms in the making process.


At the end of the day, lingerie is a fashion commodity that has brand value. There is the creativity of designers behind every pattern. Every piece of lingerie is the hard work of skillful men. It is the only clothing that includes a big list of numbers and alphabets when it comes to size. In simple terms making a single bra in so many sizes takes more production cost. So, the time when you buy some expensive lingerie examine them closer. It would have sophisticated cuts, high-end patterns, and impeccable finish. It would make you look pretty and feel comfortable while wearing. Because that is what you deserve. And that is the whole point of making luxury lingerie.

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