Why You Should Wear Sports Bra During Workouts? |

Why you should wear sports bra during workouts?

Why you should wear sports bra during workouts?

You may have a strong will to make your body look great.  You may bury yourself in all kinds of health-related information you get from fitness websites, social media and from your like-minded friends to be healthy and to get a body like a model.  You may sacrifice your comfort food and have replaced it with green tea, veg salad, and fruits.  When you go to the supermarket, you search for nuts, seeds and munch them like a chipmunk dreaming of a healthy body.  You never miss your daily routine of exercise and meditation.  You may be a tout savoir when it comes to taking care of your looks. Yes! This all will work in the process of becoming fit but you are missing one important thing towards your journey.


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All these efforts could go in vain if you don’t wear proper underwear in your day-to-day life and most importantly when you are working out as they say in Farsi “One’s yarns changed back into cotton”.  You never will get to reap the fruit of your efforts while your body is already exposed to lot wear n tear due to aging.  It is adding fuel to the fire if you are not wearing a sports bra and undies while working out despite including healthy foods in your daily diet.

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Whether you are doing low-impact exercises like walking, gardening or strenuous exercise routines like working out in a gym, Zumba or Pilates you are committing a serious crime by not wearing sports underwear.  When you don’t wear a fitting sports bra and well fitting broekie which are specifically crafted for its intended purpose a lot of health issues may arise apart from spoiling your pre-existing good posture.

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Health Benefits

Your body is wise – When something goes wrong, it sends signals in the form of pain and other discomforts which we usually ignore in case of mild ones because of its less severity.  But it can grow to be a health issue later.  It’s not only the looks and body shape that are compromised while working out in regular underwear but also your posture. Further studies reveal that many such serious health problems may arise by not using a sportswear during exercise.  You could, in fact, strain your back muscles and neck bone which might further affect the nerves around your neck region and can even cause a headache after work out.

Ignoring such body signals and continuing without sports innerwear for a prolonged time will cause severe physiological issues later in life.  Wearing a sports bra will distribute your body weight all over so that there is no chance of hurting your muscles and bones in case of strenuous workouts. Your posture might as well get affected with a regular bra as your body is favoring gravity.

On the contrary, a sports bra is designed to pull your head forward and push your ribcage down so that your breasts will not be weighing all the way down hence it doesn’t affect the soft tissues and ligaments of your breasts as well as your posture by working out your postural muscles at the back.

Beauty Benefits

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Our body ages with time. That includes our breasts.  As we all know breasts are made up of fat, lobes, glands and covered with chest muscles. Aging causes a loss of elasticity of the tissues which leads to sagging.  Apart from this, when you don’t wear a sports bra while doing exercise it could cause them to age sooner than your actual age.  Wearing a sports bra protects your posture and makes it even better as it assists you to do your gym workouts in a proper manner. With a regular bra during the workout, a person could become slouchy regardless of proper diet and exercise.  So don’t wait for your body to send you signals which usually happens when something is damaged already. Instead, it’s always worthy to make some space in your wardrobe and invest in a proper sports gear.  A racerback sports bra is fashionable and trendy along with the fitness benefits.

There are a variety of sports bras available in the market to cater to all kind of fitness needs. Working out makes you sweat a lot which is unpleasant and clumsy if the undergarments you wear is not made up of moisture-wicking fabric as in sportswear.  As the sportswear is built to draw the moisture away from the body you will feel more comfortable in fitness bras. Moreover, there are padded sports bras which will help you focus on the workout rather than being conscious of your body.

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