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4 tips to shop the perfect molded bra

4 tips to shop the perfect molded bra

Now that molded bras are the era’s newest rage, it’s time we learn more about how these bras are manufactured and what makes them a perfect choice for almost every occasion.
Molded bras are nothing but intimates whose cups are machine molded unlike the ones made through the conventional cut-and-sew methods. Right from the day when Caresse Crosby sewed two silk handkerchiefs to ready a bra to the most advanced bra available in the market today, the lingerie industry has come a long way and for the good. Haven’t we walked past some of the concerns such as nipple coverage and bust support which remained quite a stress back in age?
Yes, maybe molded bras of today are the answers to some million dollar questions that found no answer in the past. Heat molds are used to shape bra cups to form a rounder shape that are worn to conceal the nipples, contour the breasts, and save the day from front and side spillage. While this is a generic statement, there are more to molded bras! Not every molded bra you buy in the market has the same functionality.

1. Choose the level of padding

Padded Bra

Talking about molded bra cups, they are absolutely seamless because the mold makes it a great innerwear with close-fitting shirts and flimsy blouses. But, do all molded ones have the same level of padding? Definitely not! The level of padding differs with each bra depending on whether it is a tshirt or a molded bra.

2. Do an underwire check

Bra Underwire Check

A lot of molded bras these days come with wired cups majorly for extra support and lift. While some of us are quite used to wearing wired cups, there are others who are still skeptical about wearing one for  obvious reasons. Whatever be the case, run your finger underneath the cups and look if the underwires are well-fitted and intact. This will ensure there is no discomfort or pokiness with your bra on.

3. Width of the gore matters

Bra Gore Width

It might seem trivial but observing the width of the gore before buying a molded bra is going to make a lot of difference to the way you look and feel and how well the cups fit you in the first place. If you are someone whose breasts are set apart, find bras that have narrower gores to push them together to form a more rounded bust line.

4. Inspect the fabric

Bra Fabric

The type of fabric plays a key role in determining how good a molded bra is. As of now, cotton and polyamides are the two main fabrics used in the making of molded bras and it is necessary to figure out the one that suits you based on several factors such as type of clothing, comfort, and the season. For instance, cotton molded bras are best for the summer whereas you can swap them with polyamides for the rest of the year.

Make it a point to take a keen look at these suggestions before you step out to shop a molded bra to make every penny count.

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