Do you know that an average everyday bra has 16 parts? Find out the names of these parts to understand the description of a bra while shopping online or to…

Popular post Aug 4, 2021

Not only you everybody will have their confusion when it comes to choosing the right bra. Padded bras are basically designed to make your breast look firmer and to provide…

Popular post Sep 21, 2020

There are lots of bra types out there but do you know the difference between each bra? Can you identify a bralette bra from a balconette bra? Well, you came…

Popular post Sep 15, 2020

Bras are undergarments that are particularly made to provide support to your breasts. Finding the right bra for the right occasion is a never-ending hunt. But there are two major…

Popular post Sep 1, 2020

Both push up and padded bras are women's best pals. When you buy bras online, this question commonly occurs. Which bra is the best, padded or push up bra?  Before…

Popular post Aug 28, 2020

Earlier, bras were worn to keep the bust safe, now it has changed. Women embrace bras to protect breasts and also to give an appealing shape. Do you feel overwhelmed…

Popular post Jul 1, 2020

When it comes to online lingerie shopping don’t we feel a bit uncertain about a few things? We don’t get to know the feel of the fabric and the fit.…

Popular post Dec 19, 2019

Christmas bra shopping has always been a ritual that most of us look forward to. But, this festive season, Shyaway has come up with the idea of making your lingerie…

Popular post Dec 16, 2019

Seamed or a Seamless Bra? It all depends on the varying requirements of women but seamed bra has been a staple in the wardrobe of Indian women for ages. Both…

Popular post Nov 8, 2019

What Is Wired Bra? Underwire bra - Unlike regular bras a underwired bra has semi-circle wire inserts at the bottom of the cups inside the fabric casing. Wired bra helps…

Popular post Nov 6, 2019
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