Right bra can do wonders for both your appearance and self esteem. A bra is something that we often take for granted, but finding a right bra is essential for your wellness. It may take time to find the right bra for you, but think: you’re worth it. Here’s a guide to find the right bra for you.

Find your band size

Measure above the bust, at your armpits,pulling the tape gently tight.

• You may see some flesh shrinking under the tape. This is normal.
• This measurement is taken tightly, because you want the band of your bra to be very cosy.
• If you do not measure exactly to the inch, round up.

Measure around your bust at the fullest part, around the nipples.

• Do not pull the measuring tape too tight.
• If you do not measure exactly to the edge, round up.
• For every inch variation, go up a cup size. 1” would be an A cup, 2” a B, and so on.
• If your cup size is greater than a D, different manufacturers will classify your cup size differently, so you may have to try different cup sizes when you fit bras.

Know that the size of the cup varies with the band size.

• It’s important to understand that the size of the cup will increase along with the band size, and vice versa. For instance, the cup of a size 36C bra will be bigger than the cup of a size 34C bra. So:
• If you want to try a smaller band size, you’ll need to recompense by choosing a larger cup size. For instance, if you find the band on a 36B bra is too loose, go for a 34C instead.
• And if you want to try a larger band size, you would need a smaller cup. For example, if a 34B is too tight around the band, try 36A.